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stk::StkError Class Reference

STK error handling class. More...

#include <Stk.h>

Inheritance diagram for stk::StkError:

Public Member Functions

 StkError (const std::string &message, Type type=StkError::UNSPECIFIED)
 The constructor.
virtual ~StkError (void) throw ()
 The destructor.
virtual void printMessage (void)
 Prints thrown error message to stderr.
virtual const Type & getType (void)
 Returns the thrown error message type.
virtual const std::string & getMessage (void)
 Returns the thrown error message string.
virtual const char * getMessageCString (void)
 Returns the thrown error message as a C string.

Detailed Description

STK error handling class.

This is a fairly abstract exception handling class. There could be sub-classes to take care of more specific error conditions ... or not.

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