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Generating Other Applications and Plugins

The faust compiler translates the FAUST language to C++. Using its architecture files (written in C++) and convenience scripts (such as faust2jaqt), working tests, applications, and plugins can be quickly generated from FAUST source. Above we looked at using faust2plot, faust2matlabplot, faust2firefox, faust2octave, faust2jaqt, and faust2jack on a simple example. There are many others. For the latest list, cd to the faust/tools/faust2appls/ directory and list its contents. At the time of this writing (May 2020), the result is as follows:

Directory faust/tools/faust2appls/
Info.plist              faust2firefox           faust2octave            faust2svgviewer               faust2gen               faust2osxiosunity       faust2teensy             faust2graph             faust2owl               faust2unity
encoderunitypackage     faust2graphviewer       faust2paqt              faust2vst
faust2alqt              faust2ios               faust2pdf               faust2vsti
faust2alsa              faust2jack              faust2plot              faust2w32max6
faust2alsaconsole       faust2jackconsole       faust2png               faust2w32msp
faust2android           faust2jackrust          faust2portaudiorust     faust2w32puredata
faust2androidunity      faust2jackserver        faust2pure              faust2w32vst
faust2api               faust2jaqt              faust2puredata          faust2w64max6
faust2atomsnippets      faust2jaqtchain         faust2raqt              faust2w64vst
faust2au                faust2juce              faust2ros               faust2wasm
faust2bela              faust2ladspa            faust2rosgtk            faust2webaudiowasm
faust2caqt              faust2linuxunity        faust2rpialsaconsole    faust2webaudiowast
faust2caqtios           faust2lv2               faust2rpinetjackconsole faust2winunity
faust2csound            faust2mathdoc           faust2sam               faustoptflags
faust2csvplot           faust2mathviewer        faust2sig               faustpath
faust2dssi              faust2max6              faust2sigviewer         filename2ident
faust2dummy             faust2md                faust2smartkeyb         readme-faust2au.txt
faust2dummymem          faust2msp               faust2sndfile           unsupported
faust2eps               faust2netjackconsole    faust2soul    
faust2esp32             faust2netjackqt         faust2supercollider
faust2faustvst          faust2nodejs            faust2svg
These shell scripts are easily read to find out how each one works. Check out in particular the options supported (each script should accept a -h option that prints out a summary of options supported).

Additional information is found in the faust/examples directory. See also the FAUST Libraries documentation somewhere under

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