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JackTrip is a way to send high-quality, low-latency audio over the Internet via UDP packets. It runs on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

CCRMA’s SoundWire research group develops JackTrip under the direction of Chris Chafe, who teaches an online course about JackTrip hosted by Kadenze.

The source code is on GitHub and was previously on SourceForge.


CCRMA is full of Linux Workstations, for example, there’s one in each studio.

Most of the SLOrk macbooks also have JackTrip installed.


You have to run JackTrip under jack.


Don’t bother trying to use JackTrip over wifi; you will get both bad latency and lots of dropouts. Instead plug into Ethernet.

At CCRMA you will probably need to use a “sysadmin” ethernet port and not a “guestnet” ethernet port.

Network ports

JackTrip’s default UDP port number is 4464. Command-line options such as -o can set JackTrip to use a different port.

Usually the problem is a firewall blocking the UDP port(s) you want to use.

At CCRMA you can use ports 4464, 4474, etc. (at least up to 4504) for JackTrip.


XXX Concise browsable archival history of specific technical setups of past telematic musical activities: who was where sending what to each other how, and when?

recommended best practices…

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