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CCRMA “Guest” Network Access

Any computer at CCRMA that is not always at CCRMA is a “guest” in terms of network access, even laptops of people who work here every day. (The alternative is a computer that lives permanently at CCRMA and that the CCRMA Sysadmins gave a permanent IP address.)

Wireless Networking at CCRMA

The “portal” is what you see when you first connect your device (phone, laptop, computer) to one of the “CCRMA” WIFI access points, or a GuestNet wired connection. It asks for your CCRMA or Stanford login, authenticates you and gives you access to the Internet.

Your IP address will be something like

What you see if you try to get on CCRMA wifi: the Guestnet Portal

Getting on wifi with SUNet ID

Yes, the Username field can be your SUNet ID; you just have to enter it followed by, the same as your Stanford email address.

Without it needs to be your CCRMA login but with you can get on CCRMA wifi without having a CCRMA account, as long as you have a valid SUNet ID.

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