How to submit your homework online

Each assignment submission should start with an assignment 'homepage'. This is an html document titled hw1.html (or whatever number assignment you are turning in). This document should be placed in ~/Library/Web/220b. Once there, it will automatically appear on the Assignment submission track sheet.

There are several methods of saving your code as HMTL. One recommended method is cutting and pasting to an Open Office document, and saving the document as HTML (make sure to preserve formatting.) Within Open Office, hyperlinks may be created to materials external to the text file (i.e. soundfiles.)

On this page, include a brief explanation of what your code is supposed to do, + any general remarks about your assignment/"composition", if applicable. It's also helpful if you place your final emacs document (with a .sc extension) in the ~/Library/Web/220b folder, and create a link to it.

Reading Assignment 1 (Jan 11)

  • The Art and Science of Smalltalk - Chapter 2
  • Rethinking the Computer Music Language: SuperCollider - James McCartney (CMJ 26:4, 2002)

Homework 1 (due Thursday January 25, 11:59pm)

Homework 2 (due Friday February 23, 11:59pm)

Homework 3 (due Thursday March 1, 11:59pm)