Assignments or homeworks are going to be posted on the course web site, and are submitted through a web interface. The homework must include all materials necessary for the TA and/or instructor to be able to recreate the results (for example, a soundfile is not enough, the homework must include all source code necessary to recreate the soundfile from scratch). Homeworks are normally due one week after the class during which they were posted.

Late homeworks will have a penalty of 5% per day, but no homework will be accepted one week after the due date. Every student can submit one late homework during the quarter without penalty, provided it is submitted no later than one week after the due date.

Students are encouraged to discuss the homework assignments with each other. It is fine to learn from a classmate how to solve any of the homework problems, but each student is responsible for carrying out and writing up the assignments individually. It is an honor code violation to copy the work of others.


The project may consist of a short computer music composition or a research project in areas related to the topics of the course. Requirements for the project include a proposal by the middle of the quarter (precise date will be posted to the course calendar), a written project report due by the end of the quarter and an in-class demonstration on the assigned day (March 15th 2007, which is the "due date" for the project).

The Final Project involves a substantial amount of work (after all it is 40% of the grade, see below). It is something that cannot be done during the last week of classes so you need to plan ahead.

Projects will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Crafting
  • Scope
  • Aesthetics


The course is to be taken for four (4) units. The grade is based on homework (60%), and final project (40%).