Homework 3 (due Thursday March 1, 11:59pm)

Bach Algorythmic fun! (20 points)

Use your analog synthetizer implemented in HW2 to play your own Markov version of Bach's "Prelude", Cello Suite Number One in G

You will need:

Use the startup file to read the midi file and get a List of the piece pitches. This piece is mainly a melodic/harmonic piece where rhythm is not the most important.

Train a new markov set to play an algorythmic version of the piece using Markov chains. You will have to try different orders and decide the one that fits best and makes the algorythmic version more "realistic".

When you're happy with the algorythmic version, play it with your own synth (HW2). It's up to you to decide what type of sound you use, so try to make the piece sounding insteresting.