List of Projects

Posted on February 16th, 2010 by uri

  • VoxCarina: An iPhone App that is half an Ocarina half a Talk Box
  • Sonic Skull Shot: An iPhone App that throws little Skulls producing different types of sounds
  • Growl Hero: Musical game leveraging feature-based scream-detection
  • Sol de Nit: Song with some Chuck generated music
  • Diana: Dynamic Interface Audio and Noise Analyzer
  • iPhone Apps: Some of the most relevant apps I have developped in Spain during 2008-2009
  • Screaming Lessons: Ultimate Lessons to learn how to Scream on-line
  • Sargon: My metal band in Barcelona, where I used to sing/scream and play the guitar
  • Madee: My pop-rock band in Barcelona where I used to play the violin
  • Gesture Guitar: A Gesture Enhanced Guitar that Justin Salamon and I developed at the MTG, Barcelona 2008