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Termignonis Super-high Carbon Fiber Pipes ($800)

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Oh yes -- the Termignonis are expensive and nowadays there are several knock-offs which look equally nice, if not nicer and for less dough (I often drool over the oval Two Brothers carbon-fibers). But at the time I got my bike it was only the Termignonis and the Stayintunes to choose from (at the high-end) -- the Stayintunes with its metallic tinny sound, while the Termignonis has a deep grunty sound, (they also weigh less than the metal Stayintunes). I've now run my Termignonis for almost 70.000 miles (112K.km), and they are getting more "free-breathing" by the day, due to the entire glass fiber packing being almost burned out. However, this fits perfectly my Stage-3 jetting and its open air-box (see Stage-3 Jetting). Moreover, those pipes make my bike the most beautiful sounding vehicle out there..(eh-hum.. well, my neighbors might disagree). In any case, many thanks to Johan Ekstrom at Nordic Motors who did the brilliant weld-job for those super high swipe pipes -- just too generous & cool of him. As for the nice stickers; I take my hat off to David Palm, who's one of those who ain't plagued by any selfishness or greed.