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Stage-3 Jetting w. K & N Air-filter & Airbox conversion ($300)

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As you might know, the stock Ducatis are delivered with a restricted engine performance which can, with a few mods, be turned back into a race-machine. One of those restrictions is its I/O air-flow. There are basically three different jettings which can be done to a carbureted Ducati: Stage-1 (jet-kit only), Stage-2 (jet-kit & pipes), or Stage-3 (jet-kit, pipes, open airbox). I've a Stage-3 which is the race-version of the three. Unfortunately, the Stage-3 jetting is quite sensitive to weather changes (humidity & temperatures), and has given me many erratic moments during the Californian winters, (how do you spell El Nino?). However, a friend of mine, who has a a Stage-2 jetting, always wonders why my Ducati is faster (roll-ons, etc.) than his, even if mine is three years older and have three times the milages. I got help by the late Randy Bradescu to do the drilling of the air box, to balance it with the pipes (intake and exhaust). I believe we pretty much got it right (even if this was done several years ago), but if anyone thinks they can help me with this further, please contact me.