I Have Come on Foot [ensemble]


Guitar Piece n.1 [guitar]


Placet [ensemble]


Ex-Tudo [9 clarinets]


Peças Secas [2 percussionists]


Gordium [ensemble]


Of Fences [harpsichord]


Presence [open space]


reVeil [piano, percussion, video]


Equivocáveis [orchestra]


Lai de Bisclavret [sax, perc]


Observatory [ensemble]


Homo Sacer [fl, ob, cl]


Ex-tante [flute, percussion]


Oedipus at Colonus [theatre]


IV Variações [piano]




for prepared piano, percussion, video.

2009 San Diego, CA

duration: ca: 6’40”

Piece in collaboration with percussionist and video artist Ross Karre for Percussion, Piano and Video for the Red Light New Music Ensemble.

Supported by Meet the Composer: more info here



January 21, 2010 - UCSD University of California, San Diego - CPMC Recital Hall 8PM


Yegor Shevtsov, piano

Kevin Sims, percussion

Ross Karre, video