I Have Come on Foot [ensemble]


Guitar Piece n.1 [guitar]


Placet [ensemble]


Ex-Tudo [9 clarinets]


Peças Secas [2 percussionists]


Gordium [ensemble]


Of Fences [harpsichord]


Presence [open space]


reVeil [piano, percussion, video]


Equivocáveis [orchestra]


Lai de Bisclavret [sax, perc]


Observatory [ensemble]


Homo Sacer [fl, ob, cl]


Ex-tante [flute, percussion]


Oedipus at Colonus [theatre]


IV Variações [piano]



IV Variações

for piano solo

2002 São Paulo, SP

duration: ca: 5’00”

The theme of IV Variações is the second piece of Schoenberg’s Op. 19. Based on a harmonic map of this theme, the pitch collections used in the variations underwent various degrees of transformations in order to keep their original “polarizations” (after the theory of Edmond Costère) and harmonic tensions.

Each variation presents different levels of transformations, either intrinsic (retaining structural “tonic points”) or extrinsic (not retaining such tonic points). Each parameter, when modified, makes the variation to get closer or farther away from the theme.

Other layers of material (Bartok, Messiaen and other excerpts from Schoenberg) generate new listening possibilities. Through the use (as “filters”) of other pieces beyond the theme itself, the four variations are “bent” or distorted by these external references.