for Bb Bass Clarinet, Percussion (3 Drums), Piano, Violin and Cello.

2007 Stanford, CA

duration: ca: 2’15”

This is a piece-response on Theme in Search of Variations II by Mark Applebaum. His piece was composed as a provocation to the students of the graduate composition seminar at Stanford University in the Fall quarter of 2007.

Program Notes:



There, he is a privileged. No, he didn’t have the right to be there, observing day and night – the privilege is a sort of exception. But he was there, and he is there still.


With the lenses focusing down, not up, he has the privilege of an aesthetic appreciation of society. Sometimes he doesn’t even need the lenses. The images are so sharp that it is easy to see from the distance.


From there, he studies natural phenomena. He is, at this moment, only observing, assimilating. Sometimes he has a sublime perspective.


By observing the other, in an invisible mirror he observes himself.


November 13, 2007 at Stanford University (CCRMA stage) by sfSound.


Matt Ingalls - bass clarinet

Chirs Froh - percussion

Chris Jones - piano

Graeme Jennings - violin

Monica Scott - cello


I Have Come on Foot [ensemble]


Guitar Piece n.1 [guitar]


Placet [ensemble]


Ex-Tudo [9 clarinets]


Peças Secas [2 percussionists]


Gordium [ensemble]


Of Fences [harpsichord]


Presence [open space]


reVeil [piano, percussion, video]


Equivocáveis [orchestra]


Lai de Bisclavret [sax, perc]


Observatory [ensemble]


Homo Sacer [fl, ob, cl]


Ex-tante [flute, percussion]


Oedipus at Colonus [theatre]


IV Variações [piano]