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FAUST Examples

The FAUST distribution contains a set of programming examples in the examples subdirectory. For example, to see the graphical equalizer demo on a Mac, assuming your Terminal/shell working directory is where you typed make above, say

   > cd examples/filtering/
   > faust2caqt graphicEqLab.dsp
   > open
and experiment with the example real-time filterbank driven by a sawtooth oscillator or white/pink noise. The use of faust2caqt assumes you are on a Mac (`ca' stands for ``Core Audio'') and have Qt installed (e.g., MacPorts' qt5-mac or brew's qt5 on the Mac). If not, there is also faust2jack which uses the GNOME ToolKit (GTK), etc. (sudo dnf install gtk2-devel on Fedora Linux as of May 2020).

The source code for the functions used in graphicEqLab.dsp (prefix `dm.') may be found in libraries/demos.lib. They, in turn, call functions in the FAUST libraries such as libraries/filters.lib.

Note that the FAUST libraries are developed in a separate git project3from FAUST, but they are copied in the faustlibraries submodule of the FAUST project.

More FAUST demos/examples can be found online.

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