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Example Ripple Calculations in Matlab

Let's first consider the passband ripple spec, $ \pm 0.1$ dB. Converting that to linear ripple amplitude gives, in Matlab,

    format long;
    dp =
Let's check it:
    >> 20*log10(1+dp)
    ans =
    >> 20*log10(1-dp)
    ans =

Ok, close enough. Now let's set the stopband ripple to 1/10 times the passband ripple and see where we are:

    >> ds=dp/10;
    >> 20*log10(ds)
    ans =

So, that's about 60 dB stop-band rejection, which is not too bad.

Setting the stopband ripple to 1/100 times the passband ripple adds another 20 dB of rejection:

    >> ds=dp/100;
    >> 20*log10(ds)
    ans =
which is close to the ``high fidelity'' zone of 80dB SBA

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