these are the classes that I have taken and links to some homework assignments

FALL 2012 (to be updated at the quarter's end)

music250a: physical interaction design for music

music 220d: research in computer-generated music

music 192a: foundations of sound recording technology

cs148: introduction to computer graphics and imaging


music220c: research seminar in computer generated music

220c progress blog // untitled - an exploration on chaotic sound synthesis and iterative function synthesis

music421b: projects in spectral audio signal processing

research report // it's morphin time' - experimentations with audio morphing in the spectral domain

music251: music, the brain, and human behavior

final project report - training rhythmic accuracy through a drumming game

music424: signal processing techniques for digital audio effects

Nothing to post for now...


music256b: mobile music

final project // hearHere - an iPhone application that lets you hear the world around you as music
homework 3 // diy instrument - a musical instrument iPhone application, innocent first attempts at hearHere
homework 2 // sonic sling shot - sling shot, collisions, sounds!
homework 1 // some sounds... - small iPhone apps that make sounds, kind of boring

music220b: compositional algorithms, psychoacoustics, and spatial processing

final project // unroot - recycling sounds, markov chains and user preference => performance
homework 3 // live generative drum machine + soundscape
homework 2 // homebrew - a piece composed of recordings of my surroundings
homework 1 // timbre exploration - playing with static and time-varying timbres
homework 0 // cellular automata response + ChucKus

music421a: audio applications of the fft

research report - overview of research on auditory filter banks

FALL 2011

music256a: software paradigms for computer music

final project // Jeneration - sound + growing trees
homework 3 // music visualizer - sound vision!
homework 2 // polyphonic, Karplus-Strong, MIDI - I can offer no more buzzwords.
homework 1 // some sounds... - some simple waveforms (actually, there is no link to this)

music220a: fundamentals of computer-generated sound

final project // untitled - exploring some sounds on an xy plane
homework 6 // sonification pt.2 - an extension of hw5
homework 5 // sonification - a piece that sonifies some old data
homework 4 // radioplay - a piece made from home-recorded sounds, threw out the idea of a radio play and just created an atmosphere instead
homework 3 //
homework 2 //

music320: introduction to digital audio signal processing

no files to show (it's no fun looking at my matlab plots)

music 201: ccrma colloquium

no coursework. I just had to dress up for class every week.