Juan-Pablo Cáceres


Network Sound and Data Summer Workshop, Stanford University: August 6-10 2012
August, 2012

A detailed description and enrollment information can be found here and the Workshop Website here.

Co/located – An evening of experimental network music, Bournemouth University (UK)
May 14th 2011
May, 2011

Performing the piece The Number Game by the Net Vs. Net Collective, with Alain Renaud.

MiTo Festival 2.0 - Interactive Performance-Concert for Performers and Public:
September 7th and 8th 2010
June, 2010

For the second consecutive year, we'll present a couple concert at the MiTo Festival of Music (Milano/Torino, IT). This year the thematic involves public participation with the latests gadgets.

Play your Phone! Interactive performance-concert for performers and public with be presented on September 7th and September 8th.

Network Musical Performance Summer Workshop: July 19-23 2010
April, 2010

This summer I'll be teaching a hands-on summer workshop on Network Musical Performance at CCRMA. From the description:

This workshop is intended as a practical introduction to network music performance. Both technical and musical topics will be discussed, including: history of the field, Internet technologies for streaming, control messages and laptop performances, transcontinental high-quality network performance, performance issues like delay and presence, installations and synthesis in the network, future and potential as a compositional medium, programming techniques and software survey, virtual worlds in musical network performance.

A detailed description and enrollment information can be found here. Hope you can make it!

ResoNations: An International Telematic Music Concert for Peace
November, 2009

I'll be running the network audio of this 5-located concert (November 20, 2009), hosted at the United Nations in NYC and 4 other locations. The audio hub will be at the Banff Centre for the Arts, where I'm doing a residency specifically for this project.

More info at the official ResoNations website. We'll also have a webcast for people that want to see the concert online, RSVP required for webcast address. Space is limited to 200 reservations, first come, first served. Contact: Dominique Carrier Dominique_Carrier@banffcentre.ca 403-762-6313

MiTo Festival - Mixed Reality Performance: una serata in Sirikata
September 2009

In collaboration with the Stanford Humanities Lab, the Sirikata project and the MiTo Festival of Music (Milano/Torino, IT) we present two concerts of networked musical works centered on and in the Sirikata Environment entitled Mixed Reality Performance: una serata in Sirikata, September 12 and 13.

Performers on both acoustic and electronic instruments located in Stanford, CA and Milano, Italy will meet online in a custom Sirikata environment before a live audience in Milan. New works will be presented by Robert Hamilton and Juan-Pablo Caceres featuring performances by pianist Chryssie Nanou, as well as a new realization of Terry Riley's In C performed online by members of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra.

» Due Serata in Sirikata a Mixed Reality Performance Rob's Project Site.

Full videos of the concert:

» In C
» Canned Bits Mechanics
» Dei Due Mondi

Video clips/montages:

» Mixed Reality: An Evening on Sirikata (includes music from Dialoghi)

Some press/links:

» il giornale della musica
» WIRED Italia
» c6.tv
» Stanford The Human Experience
» September 12 official photo set
» September 13 official photo set
» Stanford Humanities Lab Docs
» Corriere Della Sera

ICMC 2009 Best Paper Award Winner
May 2009

I just learned that the paper I co-wrote with Chris Chafe for the upcoming 2009 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2009) in Montreal was selected as the winner of the 2009 Journal of New Music Research Best Paper Award of the conference. The prize is awarded annually to one paper at the conference.

Upcoming Net vs. Net Concert, Quit-located
May 2009

We're organizing a quint-located concert with coming June 3. It'll involve 5 locations (Stanford|Belfast|Banff|Santiago|NY) and showcase a repertoire that includes remote acoustics, distributed animated scores, virtual worlds and mechanical interconnected pianos. More info here.

Spring Quarter Teaching @ Stanford
March 2009

This upcoming Spring Quarter 2009 I'll be teaching MUSIC 220c: Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music at Stanford.

Concert Stanford / Santiago, Chile
January 2009

I'll be performing in a network piece entitled CONTINET in a concert between Stanford, California and Santiago, Chile. We'll be using JackTrip for high-quality audio. Net vs. Net Collective performers this time are:

Chryssie Nanou - Piano
Juan-Pablo Cáceres - Synthetizer and Network Effects
Mario Mora - Electric Guitar and Computer
Rolando Cori - Keyboards and Computer

The concert is on January 16th, 19:30 Chilean Time at the Sala Isidora Zegers and at 14:30 PST at the CCRMA Stage. More info in the program notes.


» Aug/6-10/2012: CCRMA Summer Workshop Network Sound and Data Workshop



I am a composer and an engineer born in Santiago, Chile. I am currently a PhD candidate in Computer Music at Stanford University, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).



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Center For Computer Research in Music and Acoustics,
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