Inquiries into signal processing, physics, and more.

Along with creating audio DSP tools for musicians, and more, I enjoy participating in research to extend the body of signal processing knowledge that can be used to create these types of tools. Often, this research involves elements of circuit theory, physics, numerical methods, and more. I also have a more "hobby-ist" interest in transient astrophyics, particularly a recently discovered phenomenon known as Fast Radio Bursts.

A full list of publications can be found here.

Differentiable Wave Digital Filters

Experimenting with incorporating neural networks into wave digital circuit models, using differentiable wave digital filters. Published in the proceedings of the 2022 SMC conference.

Real-Time Neural Network Inferencing

A C++ library for real-time neural network inferencing. The library is highly optimised for small neural networks, and supports both a run-time and compile-time API. The library source code is available on GitHub. There is also a reference paper on the ArXiv.

Klon Centaur Emulation

A digital model of the Klon Centaur guitar pedal, using Wave Digital Filters and Recurrent Neural Networks. Implemented as an audio plugin, and digital pedal using the Teensy microcontroller. See the source code on GitHub, or the technical paper on the the ArXiv.

Analog Tape Modelling

A physical model of an analog tape machine, beginning from basic physical principles. Results published in the proceedings of the 2019 DAFx conference. Source code, including an open-source audio plugin is available on GitHub.

Complex Nonlinearities

An inquiry into nonlinear audio signal processing architectures, including harmonic exciters, nonlinear filters, and more. Results are published through a series of Medium articles, audio plugins, and technical papers presenting a project overview, and an extended discussion of nonlinear filters.

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)

Contributed to FRB detection software as part of the CHIME-FRB collaboration. Also completed an independent investigation on the cosmological implications of FRB detections.