Chowdhury DSP Plugins

Lead developer for free and open-source audio plugins including ChowTapeModel, BYOD, ChowKick, and ChowMatrix.

Schwabe Digital

Lead signal processing engineer for Schwabe Digital's Gold Clip plugin. Gold Clip is a clipping plugin featuring unique waveshaping and dynamic control algorithms, designed to be used by mastering engineers.

Bogren Digital

Lead signal processing and machine learning engineer for Bogren Digital's AmpKnob RevC and BassKnob STD plugins. Also contributed signal processing algorithms and code for Bogren Digital's MLC S_Zero 100 and IRDX Core plugins.

Impact Soundworks

Lead developer for Impact Soundworks plugins, including Bass Sculptor (a multi-FX bass processor), and Tape Sculptor (an in-depth tape emulator).

Untethered Audio

Co-lead developer for Untethered Audio's DL-1, an advanced looper plugin with hardware and DAW integration.


Contributed signal processing algorithms and code for ADPTR Audio's HYPE plugin, including harmonic waveshaping and anti-derivative anti-aliasing algorithms.

KIT Plugins

Contributed performance analysis and optimization services for KIT Plugins' BB Chamber A plugin, improving the reverb algorithm performance by ~50%.

Three Body Technology

Provided DSP consulting services for Three Body Technology's Cenozoix Compressor plugin, including the development of higher-order anti-derivative anti-aliasing algorithms.

Chowdhury DSP Libraries

Lead developer for open-source audio programming libraries, including: RTNeural (a real-time neural network inferencing engine), chowdsp_utils (utilities for DSP and plugin development), and chowdsp_wdf (a Wave Digital Filter circuit modelling library).


Lead developer for Skinshape's Cairngorm Reverb, a smooth, spring-inspired reverb plugin.

VCV Rack

Contributed signal processing algorithms and code for VCV Rack's official emulation of the Synthesis Technology E440 VCF.

Tone Empire

Contributed signal processing algorithms and code for Tone Empire plugins, including Reelight Pro, Neural Q, and RESQ.