Water Bottle Synthesis with Modal Signal Processing

Jatin Chowdhury, Elliot Canfield-Dafilou, and Mark Rau

Audio examples for the paper submitted to DAFx 2020.

This page includes sound samples of real and synthesized water bottles. Two waterbottles were modelled: a 32 Oz. Wide-Mouth HydroFlask, and the water bottle given to attendees of the 2019 DAFx conference.

All source code for generating the synthesized water bottles, as well as a real-time water bottle synthesizer can be found on GitHub. A video demo of the real-time synthesizer is available on YouTube. A web app for creating modal models of your own waterbottle can be found here.

Video Demo
Scanning measurements

Empty, fundamental (219.4 Hz)

Empty, 2nd mode (731.3 Hz)

Empty (1780 Hz)

Full, fundamental (157.5 Hz)

Full, 2nd mode (735.6 Hz)

Full (1780 Hz)