Who I Am

Jatin Chowdhury is a student, engineer, and musician.

I choose to spend my time creating tools (for musicians, programmers, and more), doing signal processing research, playing and recording music, and learning about my place in the world.

What I Do

Chowdhury DSP

Founder and lead developer at Chowdhury DSP, creating audio plugins and other audio signal processing software.


Master's Degree in Music, Science, and Technology, from CCRMA at Stanford University, with a focus on digital audio effects and signal processing.

University of Southern California

B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Signals and Systems from USC, with additional minors in Physics and Music Recording.

Signal Processing

Digital signal processing engineering and research, with a focus on audio signal processing and nonlinear systems.


Languages: C/C++, Python, Faust, Mathematica, Jai. I develop cross-platform applications and audio plugins.


I enjoy playing piano and saxophone, as well as recording, mixing, and mastering for all styles of music.

Recent Stuff

Blog: Wave Digital Circuit Models with R-Type Adaptors

A gentle introduction to wave digital circuit modelling with R-Type adaptors.

Blog: Sample-Rate Agnostic Recurrent Neural Networks

Can we make a recurrent neural network accurately process a signal at any sample rate?

Blog: Developing a Signal-Dependent Envelope Follower

A (mostly) physics-free way to achieve vactrol-like dynamics.