Audio plugins and libraries for audio software developers.

Chowdhury DSP Plugins

Lead developer for plugins including ChowTapeModel, ChowMatrix, and BYOD.

Impact Soundworks Plugins

Lead developer for Impact Soundworks' Bass Sculptor and Tape Sculptor plugins.

Bogren Digital Plugins

Lead signal processing and machine learning engineer for Bogren Digital's "AmpKnob" plugins.

Schwabe Digital Plugins

Lead signal processing engineer for Schwabe Digital's Gold Clip plugin.

Chowdhury DSP Libraries

Lead developer for open-source audio programming libraries, including:

  • RTNeural: A fast, minimal neural network inferencing library, intended for real-time use-cases.
  • chowdsp_utils: A JUCE-compatible collection of C++ utilities for DSP and plugin development.
  • chowdsp_wdf: A Wave Digital Filter circuit modelling library.

Untethered Audio Plugins

Co-lead developer for Untethered Audio's DL-1 plugin (coming soon).

VCV Rack Modules

Contributed signal processing algorithms for VCV Rack's official emulation of the Synthesis Technology E440 VCF.


Lead developer for Skinshape's Caingorms Reverb plugin.

Tone Empire Plugins

Contributed signal processing algorithms and code for Tone Empire plugins, including Reelight Pro and Neural Q.