how to

You will always begin in the editor window. Click on portions of the laterna to select bounds for your loop. If you don't hear sound it is because you either haven't bounded an area or your laterna is off. When you are set on bounds, press 'enter' to switch to world view

EDITOR VIEW: left/right and b/n: will allow you to tweak the beginning and ends of your loop. To adjust the beginning press 'b' before left/right and 'n' for the end of the loop

1: will turn on/off your current laterna

s: will turn on/off solo/group mode

+/-: will move in and out

left/right: will select a different laterna for editing

up/down: will adjust the volume of your current laterna

spacebar: will create a new laterna

enter: will toggle between edit and global view for given laterna