Charles Foster


Virtual and Augmented Reality for Musical Intentions (VARMInt)

Virtual and Augmented Reality Design Lab

Works including:

Form — an electric dream of sacred geometries.
VASHE — Virtual Acoustic Sound and Haptic Engine. (In progress)
Terrarium — a spatial audio piece using ambisonic and physically-modeled sound. (In progress)

Myna, an 8-bit kōan


Child of Sauron

A sonic visualizer inspired by the form and emotion of the Eye of Sauron, built in C++ using OpenGL and ChucK.

River Crab, a piece for Laptop Orchestra* and MadMask

Performer score for River Crab. Click to listen to an audio recording of the performance.
* Founded in 2008, the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) comprises more than 20 laptops, human performers, controllers, and custom multi-channel speaker arrays designed to provide each computer meta-instrument with its own identity and presence.

. .. ... for two, a piece for Laptop Accordion and Subwoofer

Snapshot from the middle of the piece at its debut at the SLOrktastic Chamber Music concert. Photo credit to Ge Wang. Audio available upon request.


MadMask is an embodied electric instrument, designed as a reboot of the sousaphone. Prototyped physical and sound design using an Arduino microcontroller and Faust audio modeling.


Cuttlebone is an electric slide instrument, played with a trombone mouthpiece and a laptop.

Miscellaneous Circuit Bending

Tinkering of various sorts...


Trench, a piece for Laptop Orchestra

Group photo from the 2017 SLOrk concert in Bing at which Trench was performed. Click to view the score. Photo credit to Ge Wang.

Heartstrings, a piece for solo Gametrak

An audio-video-gestural performance progressing through three moods of the heart: joy, anger, sadness. Click to download an audio snippet of a performance.



A virtual reality intervention to improve relative pitch and musical memory.