Final Project

There will be one term project which will be presented or performed on Wednesday, December 7.

The assignment is to invent and construct a musical physical interaction that uses continuous control. The project can be done solo or in groups.  As a general rule, groups tend to work better if you are trying to make something that is a tool other people will use.  Working alone seems to work best for people who have a specific creative project or composition for which they would like to some physical interaction component.


  • Skill:  who can use it?
  • Learning: how long will it take to learn?
  • Expression: can the user develop a model of the sound space and achieve a desried sound? is this important?
  • Improvisation: repeatable but instant response
  • Intuitiveness: is the mapping clear for the performer? for the audience?

Project Grading Criteria


Week 3 (October 5 – 11):

  • Think about project ideaS (note the ‘s’ which means “more than one”)
  • You will be required to sketch 10 ideas
  • Don’t get married to one idea
  • Talk to classmates about your ideaS.
  • Try to find people who share your interests and/or complement your abilities.

Week 4 (October 12 – 18):

  • Wednesday: Present your 10 ideas to the class
  • Homework: Research some of those ideas

Week 5 (October 19 – 25):

    • Monday: Form Groups
    • Homework: Prototyping and brainstorming exercises for your idea.


Week 6 (October 19 – 25):

    • Create a project plan
      •  sketches
      • system diagram(s)
      • parts (to be) purchased
      • individual responsibilities

Week 7 – 9

    • November 9th – Proof of concept is due.
    • Work on your projects while getting help from teaching staff and guest lecturers

Thanksgiving Week

    • Maybe work on your projects?

Monday, November 30 – Dress Rehearsal

    • Plan to set up and at least sound check with working instruments
    • Give other groups feedback about their work

Wednesday, Dec. 2
Final Presentations 1:30 – 3:20

Wednesday, December 2 – Friday, Dec. 4
Mandatory documentation and cleanup sessions