buttons and handles

CCRMA Stanford University

Music 250 - Physical Interaction Design for Music

Fall 2010


Project Grading Criteria (project is worth 40%):

All 5 criteria have equal weight.

  1. Invention
    • This is about the ambition and scope of your project, aside from how well it was executed.
    • Have you done something novel? Something we didn't expect?
    • Is it a creative idea or a creative solution to a problem?
  2. Execution
    • Does it work?
    • Is it well-crafted?
    • Do the mappings make sense?
    • Is it easy to learn or does it allow performers to develop virtuosity?
    • Did you achieve your own goals?
  3. Aesthetics
    • Is it beautiful in some way? Could be the sounds, physical form, performance, or all of the above.
    • Is it elegant or just functional?
  4. Presentation
    • Once it is complete and assembled, have you considered what it can do?
    • Have you effectively demonstrated your project's capabilities?
    • NOTE: We are *not* looking for flashy or lengthy powerpoint slides. Your project should ideally speak for itself. You may want to tell a story, put on a show or involve the audience, and some visual aids may be appropriate, but figure out a way for the project to be the star of the show.
  5. Brief write-up/self evaulation
  6. Each student *must* send music250a-aut1112-staff@lists.stanford.edu a write-up for your project by Saturday, December 8. The submission can be common among your group and are compatible with submissions to the NIME demonstrations: In addition, each student should send us the following:
    • A description and evaulation of your own contribution (e.g. effort, ideas, teamwork) to the project.
    • An evaluation of your group's dynamics and effort. We're not looking for whistle-blowing, airing dirty laundry, or finger-pointing. But we want to know how well you worked as a team, how everyone contributed, and what, if anything, could have been done to make your project better.
    Note: No file attachments to the email are necessary.
  7. Put Your Project Online
  8. Go to http://beagleboard.org/project and add your project to the list, including a link to your PDF file. For this, you will also need to create an account on myopenid.com.
  9. Clean-Up/Organization Task in MAXLAB
  10. Please check in with Sasha in the MAXLAB to see if she has a brief task to assign to you in the MAXLAB. It could be a clean-up task, or it could be a task involving sorting resistors or similar.