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Installing FAUST

Packaged FAUST distributions for Linux, Mac, and Windows, etc., tend to be significantly behind the latest version under development. While you can probably get by fine with them, there may be different locations for various pieces of the installation, and some items might not be installed at all. Below we will assume you have installed the latest FAUST from GitHub.

To download the latest version of the FAUST distribution from GitHub (anonymously, read-only), say

  > git clone
  > cd faust
  > git checkout master-dev
where `>' denotes your shell prompt, such as in on a Mac. Next, follow to compile and install FAUST on your system. In particular, you will need CMake installed (port install cmake on a Mac using MacPorts, etc. Normally port can be replaced by brew for brew users). I always use the latest FAUST master-dev version, and find it to be quite stable. From time to time, update to the latest and reinstall as follows (in the faust directory):
  > git pull --recurse-submodules
  > make
  > sudo make install
Recursing submodules takes care of updating the faustlibraries submodule as well as FAUST.

On the Mac, the FAUST distribution depends on the pkgconfig package, and also on qt5 for making standalone apps using the faust2caqt script that installs with FAUST. A general trick for easily installing all necessary dependencies is to first install FAUST using your local package manager, and then uninstall FAUST, leaving its dependencies installed. For example, using MacPorts on a Mac:

  > sudo port install faust
    ... (dependencies installed, then faust) ...
  > sudo port uninstall faust
  > cd ~
  > git clone faust
  > cd faust
  > make
  > sudo make install
  > rehash

To include OSC and HTTP support (which require liblo and libmicrohttp respectively), as well as all Faust language ``back ends'' (target languages beyond C++) say ``make world'' in place of ``make'' above.

On a Mac, you need the Command Line Tools for Xcode to be able to compile C++ code in the standard ways for the Mac. These tools are downloadable via See also the Xcode menu item Xcode / Open Developer Tool / More Developer Tools ... .

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