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Courses and Degrees

CCRMA is a part of the Department of Music at Stanford University. Classes and seminars taught at the center are open to registered Stanford students and visiting scholars. The facility is also available to registered Stanford students and visiting scholars for research projects which coincide with ongoing work at the center.

Prospective graduate students especially interested in the work at CCRMA should apply to the degree program at Stanford most closely aligned with their specific field of study, e.g., Music, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, etc. Graduate degree programs offered in music include the MA/MST in Music, Science, and Technology, the DMA in Composition, and the PhD in Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics. Acceptance in music theory or composition is largely based upon musical criteria, not knowledge of computing. Admission requirements for degree programs can be obtained directly from each particular department. CCRMA does not itself offer a degree.

The Music Department offers both an undergraduate major and minor in Music, Science, and Technology (MST). The MST specialization is designed for those students with a strong interest in the musical ramifications of rapidly evolving computer technology and digital audio and in the acoustic and psychoacoustic foundations of music. The program entails a substantial research project under faculty guidance and makes use of the highly multi-disciplinary environment at CCRMA. This program can serve as a complementary major to students in the sciences and engineering. Requirements for the undergraduate programs are available from the Stanford Music Department.


University Courses at CCRMA

For complete information on the following classes, please see the Stanford Bulletin for the current academic year. Most courses at CCRMA also have their own websites (see

Courses offered at CCRMA include:

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