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2004-osc-conference: Proceedings of the 2004 Open Sound Control Conference

client-server: OpenSoundControl and Client-Server Models

CNMAT-OSC-milestones: CNMAT OSC Milestones

contribute: How to Contribute to This OpenSoundControl website

contributors: Website Contributors

editors: Website Editors’ Workflow

encoding: OSC is an Encoding

implementation-status: What We Mean by the “Status” of an OSC Implementation


legacy-site: The Original Website

license: Website Content License

matlab-parse_message: Matlab code to parse an OSC message into a vector of floats

orthography: Orthography of the Name OpenSoundControl

perspectives: Perspectives on OSC

protocol: Is OSC a Protocol?

publication-filename-rules: This Site’s Rules for the Filenames of OSC Publications

README: About This OpenSoundControl website

site-repo: The Git Repository Behind this Website

spec-1_0-examples: Examples Supporting the OpenSoundControl 1.0 Spec

spec-1_0: OpenSoundControl Specification 1.0

spec-1_1: OpenSoundControl 1.1

TODO: Site Implementation To Do list



AdLibitouch Lite

aestesis elektronika (RT modular video software)



Bespoke OSC (.NET 3.5)




ChucK => OSC


CNMAT Connectivity Processor

CNMAT / OSC Arduino and Teensy implementation of OSC encoding


D-Mitri Scalable Digital Multichannel Audio Platform

Delphi/FreePascal OSC

devosc: a unix device for reading OSC messages



DSSI (“Disposable Soft Synth Interface”)

Erlang OSC Application

ETC Eos Ti Lighting Control Console


FingerPlay MIDI

Galileo Galaxy Audio Processors


IanniX 0.6, a graphic OSC sequencer from the UPIC


J OSC (.NET 2.0)



Java OSC

KWlive hid2osc

KWlive Realizer

La Kitchen Hardware

Liblo: Lightweight OSC API

liboscparse: liblo for embedded systems

LightForm – Design Tools for Projected AR


LiveAPI for Abelton Live


Logic Pro/Express

MadJACK - MPEG Audio Deck

Make Controller Kit

Matlab OSC

Matrix3 Audio Show Control System LX-300 Digital Mixer


Milkymist One: open hardware interactive VJ station




MOTU AVB Audio Interfaces



Music Controller

MXWendler Realtime Compositing

Net::OpenSoundControl Perl Modules

NetUtil OSC Library for Java

node-osc, OSC video player for Raspberry Pi



ooscc - open open sound control controller

Open Sound Control for PHP

Open Sound World

OpenSoundControl for MaxMSP

OSC and DMX Lighting

osc-clj - Clojure OSC Library




OSC simpl (for Unity)

OSC Support in the Faust Programming Language


Oscal Scripting Language




OSCKit (V1.4.1)










pure data

python-osc 1.7.4

Python - scosc

Python - Simple OSC



Qualisys Motion Capture


ROB - Remote over Bluetooth


Ruby OSC implementation


ScalaOSC - OSC Library for the Scala language



Smart Controller

Squeak OSC

Stompbox 2.0

SwingOSC Java Server

SynOSCopy “SYN” Namespace

The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator

The WiSe Box - Wireless Sensors

TJShow (show controller software)



TxOSC : OSC for Twisted in Python

Ventuz Realtime 3D Rendering (.net)








1997, New Musical Control Structures from Standard Gestural Controllers

1997, Open SoundControl: A New Protocol for Communicating with Sound Synthesizers

1998, Implementation and Performance Issues with OpenSound Control

1999, An Open Architecture for Real-Time Audio Processing Software

2000, A New Music Keyboard featuring Continuous Key-position Sensing and High-speed Communication Options

2000, Scalable Connectivity Processor for Computer Music Performance Systems

2001, Managing Complexity with Explicit Mapping of Gestures to Sound Control with OSC

2001, Preparation for Interactive Live Computer Performance in Collaboration with a Symphony Orchestra

2001, Problems and Prospects for Intimate Musical Control of Computers

2002, Intimate musical control of computers with a variety of controllers and gesture mapping metaphors

2002, Open Sound Control 1.0 Specification

2002, Problems and Prospects for Intimate Musical Control of Computers

2003, Open Sound Control: State of the Art 2003

2004, A Query System for Open Sound Control

2004, An OSC Driver Framework for Gesture Sensors

2004, Bidirectional XML mapping

2004, Brief Overview of OSC and its Application Areas

2004, Clock Synchronization for Interactive Music Systems

2004, Discovering OSC services with ZeroConf

2004, Dynamic, Distributed and Automated Music Applications in Open Sound World

2004, DySE Generator: A sound design tool for virtual reality applications

2004, Effects of Latency on Networked Musical Performance

2004, EtherSense, an OSC-based sensor platform

2004, Flash OSC

2004, Future Directions for OSC

2004, Human/Computer Interaction projects at CCRMA

2004, Implementations of OSC

2004, Keynote address: OSC and Digital Lifestyle Aggregation

2004, La Kitchen’s “Toaster” and “Kroonde” wired and wireless Data-Acquisition Systems

2004, Max/MSP Programming Practice with OSC

2004, OSC and Gesture features of CNMAT’s Connectivity Processor

2004, OSC Control of VST Plug-ins

2004, OSC Design Space

2004, OSC Device Design Space

2004, Proceedings of The Open Sound Control Conference 2004

2004, Quintet.Net: an interactive performance environment for the Internet

2004, Real-time Distributed Media Applications in LANs with OSC

2004, Setting up OSC sessions using Voice-over-IP protocols

2004, SonART - a new multimedia environment for networked collaboration

2004, Towards a More Effective OSC Time Tag Scheme

2004, Use of Open Sound Control in SuperCollider Server

2005, Automated Testing of Open-Source Music Software with Open Sound World and Open Sound Control

2005, Combining Audio And Gestures For A Real-Time Improviser

2005, Control of VST Plug-ins Using OSC

2005, Open Sound Control: an enabling technology for musical networking

2005, TUIO: A protocol for table-top tangible user interfaces

2006, Augmenting the Cello

2006, Beyond 0-5V: Expanding Sensor Integration Architectures

2006, Comparing Musical Control Structures and Signal Processing Strategies for the Augmented Cello and Guitar

2006, NIME 2006 OSC Developers Meeting

2007, A Force Sensitive Multi-touch Array Supporting Multiple 2-D Musical Control Structures

2007, e-textile Interactive Demonstration at Maker Faire 2007

2007, OSC Showcase for Maker Faire 2007

2007, Ten Years of Tablet Musical Interfaces at CNMAT

2008, Application of new Fiber and Malleable Materials for Agile Development of Augmented Instruments and Controllers

2008, Everything you ever wanted to know about Open Sound Control

2008, Implementation and Applications of Open Sound Control Timestamps

2008, micro-OSC: The Open Sound Control Reference Implementation for Embedded Devices

2008, uOSC: The Open Sound Control Reference Platform for Embedded Devices

2009, A Low-level Embedded Service Architecture for Rapid DIY Design of Real-time Musical Instruments

2010, Best Practices for Open Sound Control

2010, Kalimba Controller with piezo-resistive fabric pressure sensor for displacement measurement

2010, Minuit : Propositions for a query system over OSC

2010, OSCuino rough Arduino OSC sketch for Open Sound Control work

2010, Round Slide Harp

2010, Tablo: e-textile Fabric Drape Sensing Controller

2011, Composability for Musical Gesture Signal Processing using new OSC-based Object and Functional Programming Extensions to Max/MSP

2011, Dynamic, Instance-based, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Max/MSP using Open Sound Control (OSC) Message Delegation

2011, Improving the Efficiency of Open Sound Control with Compressed Address Strings

2011, Robust and Reliable Fabric, Piezoresistive Multitouch Sensing Surfaces for Musical Controllers

2012, OSC Encoding tentative draft

2013, Agile Interface Development using OSC Expressions and Process Migration

2013, “Old” is the new “New”: a Fingerboard Case Study in Recrudescence as a NIME Development Strategy

2014, Making the Most of Wifi: Optimisations for Robust Wireless Live Music Performance

2014, New Tools for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Music and Media Programming Environments

2014, a Unified Communications Framework for Music, Intermedia and Cloud Interaction

2015, Dynamic Message-Oriented Middleware with Open Sound Control and Odot

2015, Simple Synchronization for Open Sound Control

2016, o.OM: Structured-Functional Communication between Computer Music Systems using OSC and Odot

2021, A Recipe using OSC Messages

2021, Managing Complexity with Explicit Mapping of Gestures to Sound Control with OSC


chuck: ChucK OSC Starter Code

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