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Open SoundControl: A New Protocol for Communicating with Sound Synthesizers

Matthew Wright, Adrian Freed. Open SoundControl: A New Protocol for Communicating with Sound Synthesizers. 1997. International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). Pages 101-104.


Download: files/1997-ICMC-OSC.pdf

Abstract: Open SoundControl is a new protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology. Entities within a system are addressed individually by an open-ended URL-style symbolic naming scheme that includes a powerful pattern matching language to specify multiple recipients of a single message. We provide high resolution time tags and a mechanism for specifying groups of messages whose effects are to occur simultaneously. There is also a mechanism for dynamically querying an Open SoundControl system to find out its capabilities and documentation of its features.

Context: This paper is how Wright/Freed/CNMAT first shared OSC with the world. Some aspirational aspects of this 1997 vision of OSC are still not fully realized (e.g., the query system), and some important aspects of OSC did not appear here (e.g., the type tag system).

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