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Supported Activities in CCRMA’s Studios

Quiet Study

Within the scope of CCRMA’s broad academic mission the studios are excellent for reading, programming, writing, phone or video calls, Internet use, small private meetings, etc.

Loudspeaker Activities

All these are available via various computers, i.e., a CCRMA Linux Workstation, the Studio E MacPro, or your own laptop

Telematic (JackTrip) Activities

Anything involving JackTrip

Advanced / unusual / less-well-supported Activities

Ambisonics decode

Using a personal audio interface with CCRMA computers

Discouraged Activities

In general, anything done the bad/dangerous/messy/inconvenient way as compared to an available better alternative. If you have the slightest bad feeling about anything, please consult with CCRMA technical staff

Projects that leave any trace on the studio (additional or missing or reconfigured items) after the end of a session. (Reset the studio every time you leave the studio, e.g., at the end of each contiguous reservation.)

Moving the speakers or their stands from their calibrated position or adjusting the physical volume knob on a speaker.

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