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Garage (Max Lab)

The CCRMA Garage is the advanced/dangerous part of the Max Lab. Safety Practices are the most important aspect of the Garage and the Garage is the most important place for the Max Lab’s Safety Practices. Also see the general Stanford-wide Health and Safety Policy. Most Garage activities should not be performed alone.

If you don’t know how to use a tool, please ask for help.

If it doesn’t feel safe, stop doing it. Ask for help.

Don’t do stupid stuff.

Don’t use things you don’t know how to use.

The garage is normally locked and most CCRMA users do not have access. Talk to Romain or Matt if you are interested in using the space and/or any of the equipment listed below.

Big Power Tools | NEVER USE ALONE

Epilog Helix 40 Watt laser cutter (and associated filters, cuttable plywood and acryllic…). Laser cutting any plastic other than acrylic can release lethal chlorine gas.

Carbide 3D Shapeoko 5 Pro CNC Router (manufacturer website) with a 4x4 foot bed. Manuals and training:

Rockwell drill press. Materials not properly clamped can spin and fly. Incredibly bad location for scarves, hoodie drawstrings, etc.

Palmgren 15” Metal/Wood Cutting Band Saw. Note that there are several different kinds of blades, in particular for metal (aluminum) versus wood; see manual; the bin labeled “band saw” contains whichever blade is not currently in use. Belt for wood blade is so-called 52” OC, such as ORB-A50/4L520.

Makita LS1219L Miter Saw (manufacturer
; manual linked under “resources & media”)

Porter Cable air compressor with Porter Cable model BN200SB nail gun, Porter Cable model US58 “upholstery stapler”, Porter Cable model TS056 staple gun.

Saw Stop table saw model JSS (10” blade, 4k RPM, s/n J151801598). Just because the capacitive sensor prevents the machine from directly cutting you doesn’t make you safe from materials that can be propelled into your body with improper usage. Use for straight cuts on big pieces of wood. The handle raises and lowers the blade.

Other Big Things

Securall hazardous materials cabinet full of paint etc.

Keter folding workbench (under work table)

Vacuum chamber for silicone molding (with Solo 9696 temperature controller), three rubbermaid bins of supplies and accessories.

Left shelves

Bernzomatic propane torch

Shopvac pro

Generic electronics power supply

Milwaukee 750 heat gun

Assorted hand tools

Makita BML185 flashlight

Power Tools on Left Shelves | NEVER USE ALONE

Ridgid 1C 14 in. Abrasive Cut-Off Machine (Chop saw)

Milwaukee tilt lock adjustable handle circular saw

Dewalt DW756 bench grinder

Makita N557P8 angle grinder

Milwaukee 1/2” hammer drill

Dewalt DW331K jigsaw

Ridgid R2600 orbital sander

Makita LXMT02 multi tool (website)

Makita N6514B angle grinder

Milwaukee hole saw bit collection

Black and Decker 7698 Type 3 Planer

Makita BDF452 Drill

Right shelves

Large Bosch Router Bases (RA116, RA1161)

Angle Grinder accessories

Circle jig

Porter Cable dovetail jig

Wire brushes

Power Tools on Right Shelves | NEVER USE ALONE

Bosch Colt 1.0 HP router, Bosch PR011 Router Base

Bosch router table, Bosch router (installed in the router table)

Propane torch

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