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MUSIC 250A / CS377C
Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice:
Designing New Devices



    Project Milestones

    For Friday November 07

    • e-mail {verplank, mvm, gurevich, rsegnini}@ccrma with your group members and short -tentative- project description
    • arrange a meeting with Michael or Rodridgo to check off any incomplete evaluations (everything up to lab5).

    For Monday November 10

    • size A2 (roughly equivalent to 2x2 letter sized pages placed horizontally next to each other) of the framework for sketching interactions. Details:
      • self-explanatory.
      • As Michael pointed out in class, you should strive to represent each box as graphical as possible. You may use onomatopoeic text to convey the sounds your device will produce, or a couple of words to describe what cannot be conveyed otherwise.
    • division of labor & scheduling
      • Even if your group takes entirely on the idea of an individual, this version should be product of brainstorming among all members. Also plan out what each member will work into, and milestones for the following 2.5 weeks (final presentation takes place Monday December 1st, right after Thanksgiving)
    • additional caveat
    • Consider the following issues when meeting and prepare answers for discussion in class:

      • who is your target user
      • does the device influences the music/sound aesthetics (or viceversa)
      • trade-off between control flexibility and instant reward
      • learning curve (if any)
      • will your device be wireless and self contained, or wired and requiring additional hardware (list)
      • procurement of materials (and cost)

    (also see the Project Guidelines)


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