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MUSIC 250A / CS377C
Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice:
Designing New Devices



    Due Monday, October 20th in class


      • Paul, Leonard J., Audio Prototyping with Pure Data, Gamasutra, May 28, 2003. URL: (online version keeps original format, colors and file links; you will have to register to use this site).
      • This article showcases an interesting use of Pd for game audio prototyping. It offers code examples that you can easily adapt to your 250a laboratory next week as to get a playful spin into things.
      • Matsuura Masaya, When the Music Is the Game, Game Developer, October 2003 (this is a scan version for internal use only; i.e. not to disseminate outside the class).
      • This is a very short article (one page). If you are into games, and in particular into music games, you already know what he is talking about. If not then you should search the internet for references.
        Wednesday's lecture is about electronic toys and music games. It is pertinent that you get familiar with this topic to the extent that you have time and hopefully inspires your project.

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