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MUSIC 250A / CS377C
Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice:
Designing New Devices



    Due Monday, October 13 before class

    1. Bring a sound clip

      • Prepare a 0.5 - 1.0 second long sound clip before class in .wav format.
      • Please make sure that others can read your file, i.e. type:
        ~/> chmod a+r myfile.wav
        where myfile.wav is the name of your wav file.
      • E-mail the location of your file to
      • A hypothetical file location in jimbo's home directory would be: /user/j/jimbo/250a/mysound.wav
      • If you don't know how to edit a .wav file, this is not mandatory.
      • If you aren't sure how to edit .wav files on linux, check out Audacity, (type "audacity" in a terminal, without the quotes), or choose it from the "Sound and Video" tab of the Main Menu in your taskbar.
      • If you want to import audio from an audio CD in Linux, you can use cdparanoia (typing "cdparanoia" in a terminal, without the quotes, gives the usage instructions). An example usage would be:
        to extract from track 1, time 0:30.12 to 1:10.00, type (with the quotes):
        cdparanoia "1[:30.12]-1[1:10]"
      • Don't spend too much time on this.

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