Music 220A Schedule

Autumn 2018 | MW 1:30pm - 3:20pm in the CCRMA Stage (3rd floor) or Classroom (2nd floor)
Date Lecture Topics, Notes and Videos Listening (in class and concerts) Reading Project Out Project Due
9/24 Course logistics
Needle drop
Dobrian (1997) - Digital Audio
Cook (2002) - Chapter 1 - Digital Audio Signals and Chapter 2 - Sampling and (Wavetable) Synthesis
9/26 Hydrophone building tutorial
Doga Cavdir's recent projects
Demo of Gametrak and chuck
Cook (2002) - Chapter 3 - Digital Filters and Chapter 6 - Spectral Modeling and Additive Synthesis start on a hydrophone
10/1 Get CCRMA accounts
Sign up for bus/boat on 10/15 ($10) Monterey Bay
Musical Instrument Spectra
Audio Resolution
Jonathan Harvey: Mortuous Plango
(article by Patricia Dirks)
Smith (2002) - Spectral Modeling Synthesis and Additive Synthesis Homework 0
test the infrastructure for homework
10/3 Chuck tutorial
computing scenarios
(in or out of real time)
lecture notes
hydrophone testing
John Chowning: Turenas
(article by the composer)
Chowning (1973) - FM Synthesis
Schottstaedt - An Introduction to FM
10/8 homework 1 intro
Francis Bacon predicts computer music (1659)
FM in chuck
chuck intro video
Concert: Tuesday night, 10/9
7:30pm (Stage)
Palle Dahlstedt, Per Anders Nilsson
Living Strings - Palle Dahlstedt
Homework 1
Homework 0
10/10 Microphone building tutorial
homework discussion
whale sound recordings
Bill Schottstaedt: Dinosaur Music
(article by Stanley Jungleib, from Andrew Nelson's archive)
Smith (2004) - Virtual Acoustic Musical Instruments: Review and Update start on a microphone
10/15 Whale sound recording field trip Bregman (2005) - Auditory Scene Analysis and the Role of Phenomenology in Experimental Psychology
Bregman and Ahad (1996) CD sound examples
Homework 2
radio play
Homework 1
10/17 homework 2 intro
chuck tutorial
whales from Monday's trip
CCRMA Transitions Concerts: (see email to rsvp)
Thursday night, 10/18
7pm, 9pm
Friday night, 10/19 7pm, 9pm (different program)
10/22 John Chowning lecture and... performance of Voices with Maureen Chowning Chafe (1999) - Short History of Synthesis
clips from cited pieces
10/24 Assembling "sound clips" in chuck
Chuck tutorial
Natasha Barrett: Topology Chamber 2
(note by the composer)
Homework 3 illusions, FM, chuck clips Homework 2
10/29 Digital Filters (1)
Chuck tutorial
10/31 Orchi Das lecture Concert: Thursday night, 11/1
7:30pm (Stage)
Sideband (Bay Area Tour)
Cook (2002) - Chapter 5 -
The Fourier Transform
Homework 4 ADC, Efx, patterns Homework 3
11/5 Digital Filters (2) Chafe music (& name that synth technique)
11/7 TBD &
Final Project discussion
Homework 5 Gametrak Homework 4
11/12 Fourier-based Analysis / Resynthesis
11/14 individual project consultations
(sign up req'd)
Seminar Room (3rd floor)
Homework 5
Final Project Proposal
11/19 (no class - Thanksgiving Break)
11/21 (no class - Thanksgiving Break)
11/28 Nonlinear Oscillators (bowed strings, etc.)
12/3 (no class - work on projects)
12/5 Final Projects presentation I - CCRMA stage, 1:30-3:20pm Final Project
12/12 Final Projects II - CCRMA stage, 3:30-6:30pm (extending later, dinner included) Final Project