Music 192A | Fall 2020

Instructor: Constantin Basica
Teaching assistant:
Hanyu Qu

When: Monday & Wednesday 11:30am – 12:50pm
Where: Remotely via Zoom
Office hours by appointment: Constantin – Friday 3-6pm | Hanyu – Thursday 11am-12pm

Course Description: This course serves as an­ introduction to recording technologies and practices in a studio, at home, and in the field. The facilities available at CCRMA provide a basis for learning studio operation, as well as a space for recording projects remotely. Students also receive a portable recording kit* to develop professional-sounding projects at home with audio recordings from inside and outside their location. The course addresses various audio engineering topics: room acoustics, analog and digital recording, microphone selection and placement, audio editing and mixing, audio effects processing (equalization, compression, convolution reverb, etc.), and sound design. (*subject to availability of funds)