Music 192B: Advanced Sound Recording Technology (Winter 2020)

Instructors: Elena Georgieva, Hassan Estakhrian (TA)

Course Description: This course aims to heighten the listening skills of students. In a series of group sessions and discussions students compare and contrast a variety of dynamic based processes and other audio effects/plug-ins which might be used in their mixes. Students also explore recording concepts and technologies that will augment their studio practices such as making customized impulse response recordings, advanced equalization practices, and exploring additional advanced studio/non-studio techniques and software. Prerequisite: 192A or consent of instructor.

When: Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am – 11:50am.

Where: CCRMA Studio (Room 127)

Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-5pm (Elena), Hassan TBA. In the studio.


Course Schedule

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Content from Music 192a: Fundamentals of Sound Recording Technology (Fall 2019)