Mon Jan 3 Syllabus; Class Logistics; Introductions; Brief History of Recording; Enrollment Survey
Readings: A Brief History of Recording | Brian Eno: The Studio as a Compositional Tool
Wed Jan 5 Brief Intro to DAWs
Tutorials: Logic Pro / Reaper 
Sonobus + Loopback 
HW1 (due Wed Jan 12 @11am): 
Set up a DAW multitrack session on your computer, and use the Audiomovers Listento plug-in to remotely record the stems of a song played back in the CCRMA Recording Studio. Export the song and submit it along with a screenshot of your DAW project.
Readings: Ear and HearingPhysics of Sound
Mon Jan 10 About Sound; Digital Audio
Sound in the time and frequency domains, waveform, sampling rate, bit depth, aliasing, spectrograms, etc.
Wed Jan 12 Microphones
Gain staging, dynamic mics, condenser mics, ribbon mics, polar patterns, headroom, signal-noise ratio, phase, mic placement, CCRMA mics
HW 2 (due Wed Jan 26 @11am): Record three sound files (10-30 seconds each) with three different types of microphone in the Recording Studio. Do not use acoustic instruments or voice as sound sources, but rather any non-musical objects (though the sounds may be musical, or noise-based). Write and submit a short description of your recording techniques and the sonic results. 
Mon Jan 17 NO CLASS (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
Wed Jan 19 CCRMA Recording Studio I +  Intro to Foley
Tour of the studio, studio design and acoustics, studio practices, cable coiling, mic stand usage, CCRMA accounts
Mon Jan 24 CCRMA Recording Studio II
Analog vs digital mixer, DAW control, signal flow, preamps, patchbay, speakers, connectors, live room, personal monitor mixers, etc.
Wed Jan 26 Recording techniques
Tracking session, recording types (mono, stereo, binaural, Ambisonics), headphone mix, overdubbing, etc.
Project 1 (due Sun Feb 6 @11:59pm): Record a voice (speech, singing, beatboxing, etc.) with three different microphones, an acoustic instrument (piano, guitar, drums, etc.) with three different stereo techniques, and three impulse responses. Mix one vocal recording and one instrumental recording, then add convolution reverb with one of your impulse reponses. Write and submit a short report on your recording techniques.
Mon Jan 31 Recording Vocals and Instruments | Guest: Hassan Estakhrian
Wed Feb 2 Mixing + Audio processing I
Panning, Automation, Filters, EQ, Compression, Limiting, Noise Gate, Noise Reduction 
Mon Feb 7 Project 1 – Playback & Feedback
Project 2 (due Tue Feb 15 @11:59pm): Mix a song in two audibly different ways. Choose stems from the this library: (Links to an external site.). Write and submit a short report on your mixing techniques.
Wed Feb 9 Mixing + Audio processing II
Reverb, Delay, Echo, Virtual Acoustics Demo with Hassan Estakhrian
Mon Feb 14 Listening Room; Studio Recording Details; CAVIAR Demo; Drum Set Miking | Guest: Hassan Estakhrian
Wed Feb 16 Project 2 – Playback & Feedback
Final Project Proposal (due Wed Feb 23 @11am)
Mon Feb 21 NO CLASS (President’s Day)
Wed Feb 23 Guest Lecture: Elena Georgieva
Mon Feb 28  Individual Check-ins for Final Project
Wed Mar 2  Visit to the Archive of Recorded Sound
Mon Mar 7 Final Project – Playback & Feedback
Wed Mar 9 Final Project – Playback & Feedback