Commissioned by Stanford University's CCRMA for the 2006 NewStage:CCRMA Festival, Triages for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar +/- computer is an interactive chamber work that divides the performance ensemble into a dynamic set of trios, shifting instrumentation from foreground to background texture as the piece develops. Live electronic processing, live sampling, playback and synthesized texture is generated by a Max/MSP patch performed in real time.

Triages was premiered on April 28th at CCRMA's Stage at the evening concert featuring works by John Chowning, Dexter Morrill and a number of CCRMA Alumni and friends. The performance was conducted by Christopher Jones and performed by Nicholas Ong (piano), Graeme Jennings (violin), Stephen Harrison (cello), Sam Williams (electric guitar), Matt Ingals (clarinet), Emma Moon (flute).

Additional performances include the Monday, August 27, 2007 ICMC performance by guitarist Stefan Ostersjo and Ensemble Ars Nova with Andre Chini conducting, at Queen's Hall of the Black Diamond Amphitheatre, Copenhagen, Denmark.