nous sommes tous Fernando...

nous sommes tous Fernando... (2008) by Rob Hamilton is an improvisatory work written for the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) using q3osc and ChucK. Performers control avatars in a virtual environment, firing sound-projectiles which interact with the environment either by bouncing off of the virtual architecture or by tracking individual performers. Projectile collisions are musically sonified by synthesizing a filtered noise burst with every bounce or by tracking a sine tone with pitch determined by the current coordinate location in space.

Virtual sound sources are laid out in a pattern represented by hemispherical structures in the virtual environment, with hemispherical speakers in the real-world laid out in a similar configuration. Spatialization is correlated between virtual and real-environments, with various aspects of each sound-event (frequency, timbre, duration) mapped to various axis and relationships in the virtual environment. Additionally, each of the four performers has real-time control over one of four super-sets of global parameters controlling respectively Projectile-Speed, Homing-Speed, Client-Speed, and Gravity in increasing increments and can be triggered at any time during the performance to affect all performers.

nous sommes tous Fernando... has been performed with small as well as large sized ensembles and was premiered at the May 24, 2008 Slorktastic Chamber Music concert in the CCRMA Stage. Performers are encouraged to think of the work as a collaborative improvisation and to explore the environment searching for new performative gestures and sounds.


Art direction, audio programming, q3osc programming and composition by Rob Hamilton