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q3osc is a heavily modified version of the ioquake3 gaming engine featuring an integrated oscpack implementation of Open Sound Control for bi-directional communication between a game server and a multi-channel ChucK audio server. By leveraging ioquake3’s robust physics engine and multiplayer network code with oscpack’s fully-featured OSC specification, game clients and previously unintelligent in-game weapon projectiles can be repurposed as behavior-driven independent OSC-emitting virtual sound-sources spatialized within a multi-channel audio environment for real-time networked performance.

The most up-to-date downloads and information can currently be found on http://www.q3osc.org.

q3osc is an update of the manner in which the quake3 gaming engine can be used to export player locations and entity movements and actions outside of the q3 server via OSC. While q3osc is working from a fresh ioquake3 codebase, the inspiration came from Julian Oliver's excellent Q3APD project, which unfortunately makes use of the string-based FUDI protocol instead of a more flexible proper OSC protocol.

After using Q3APD for the 8-channel work maps & legends, it became apparent that while the mod was great, the idea could be improved and further explored, especially in terms of using OSC instead of FUDI, additional player gestures and data-points being exported from quake3 to an external audio engine. Since Q3APD used the string-based FUDI UDP implementation, rather than a full-blown standards-based OSC implementation, only PD could reasonably be used as the recipient of Q3APD outgoing data-streams. Since there are other excellent languages to be used, osc is a better choice.

With q3osc, the goal is to use a fully-featured OSC implementation like oscpack to not only recreate the basic user-coordinate tracking from Q3APD, but to also expand the scope of usable in-game parameters to include missle objects and other actionable items and events in the game world. Using OSC, we can implement audio engines built in any osc-capable audio software, such as ChucK, Max/MSP, SuperCollider or PD.

By adding behavioral controls to in-game entities like plasma and bfg-bolts (both of which have interesting visual attributes), visual in-game behaviors like bouncing and attraction/homing both to self and other in-game entities, we can create audio gestures which tightly follow the visual gestures.


q3osc: works


This source archive contains everything needed to compile q3osc excluding of course standard and required C and C++ development libraries. As current development is done in KDE (Fedora Core 8/PlanetCCRMA) using KDevelop, the ccrma.kdevelop file in the top-level ccrma-kdevelop directory can be opened in KDevelop and should be buildable from the start. Builds make use of a tweaked version of the ioquake3/OpenArena Makefile with added changes in a second Makefile.local - running build from KDevelop will call these Makefiles by default.





  • Rob Hamilton
  • Ge Wang
  • Dave Kerr

client install process

Just for clarification, these are the instructions for configuring client installations of q3osc, suitable for running on each platform against a server (Linux for now, OS X coming soon) running q3osc.


Mac OS X

NOTE: Currently, this is the procedure for just installing the vanilla OpenArena mod with the q3osc config. This setup is suitable for running as a client connecting to a Linux-based q3osc server, but can not create or host q3osc games. '

  • MacBook video settings:
/r_mode -1
/r_customwidth 1280
/r_customheight 756
  • MacBookPro video settings:
/r_mode -1
/r_customwidth 1432
/r_customheight 870


  • .cfg files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\rob\Application Data\OpenArena\baseoa
  • set Shortcut Target settings to: "G:\Program Files\openarena-0.7.0\openarena.exe" +set sv_pure 0 +set cg_draw2d 0 +set cg_drawGun 0 [replace path with valid path]

Linux/client and dev install

  • when OpenArena is run, ~/.openarena is created with ~/.openarena/baseoa and ~/.openarena/ccrma created when dev-code is run
  • maps go into ~/.openarena/baseoa/maps (maps dir will need to be created)
  • for Development need OpenAL on Linux: yum install openal-devel
  • load project into kDevelop, build will call the custom Makefiles

SLOrk installs

  • bash script testing on shabushabu /Users/slork/slork/users/rob/q3osc/
  • download installer package here: q3osc-slork-installer.zip (~271.6 MB)
  • create dir /Users/slork/slork/users/rob and unpack the zip there, so that there is a /Users/slork/slork/users/rob/q3osc/ dir with all the necessary components
  • run ./install.sh and follow the instructions.
/r_mode -1
/r_customwidth 1280
/r_customheight 756

current status

feature list

  • individual client x,y,z coordinates: ✓
  • homing bfg: ✓
  • homing plasma: ✓
  • homing rockets: ✓
  • cvar projectile speeds: ✓
  • bounce-able plasma, bfg: ✓
  • independent plasma, bfg speeds: ✓
  • bindable homing and bounce flags: ✓
  • independently addressable osc host and port outs for client vs projectiles: ✓
  • forced-destruct of projectiles (plasma, bfg, plasma-homing, bfg-homing): ✓
  • OSC bundle or single-line message output modes: ✓
"h" ("/bind h homing") enable/disable plasma, rocket and bfg homing
"h" ("/bind j parenthomingonly") enable/disable parent homing only
"p" ("/bind p parenthoming") enable/disable parent homing
"b" ("/bind b bounce") enable/disable plasma bounce
"n" ("/bind h bfgbounce") enable/disable bfg bounce
"y" ("/bind y plasmapersist") enable/disable
"u" ("/bind u bfgpersist") enable/disable
"i" ("/bind i plasmahomingpersist") enable/disable
"o" ("/bind o bfghomingpersist") enable/disable
"v" ("/bind v weapondamage") enable/disable
osc_projectile_hostname missle-events can have their own OSC target IP
osc_projectile_port missle-events can have their own OSC target Port
osc_client_hostname client-events can have their own OSC target IP
osc_client_port client-events can have their own OSC target Port
osc_send_client 0/1 flag to output client data over OSC
osc_send_projectile 0/1 flag to output projectile data over OSC
osc_bundle boolean to pass bundles (1) or messages (0 - default)
g_homing_speed initial and tracking speed for all missles fired with homing enabled
g_homing_radius default 1000 - sets radius for homing entity search
g_plasma_speed speed for non-homing plasma bolts
g_plasma_bounce enable/disable (1/0) bouncing for plasma bolts
g_bfg_bounce enable/disable (1/0) bouncing for bfg bolts
g_bfg_speed speed for non-homing bfg bolts
g_plasma_time set decay/fade-out time
g_bfg_time set decay/fade-out time
g_rocket_time set decay/fade-out time
g_parent_homing turn on/off parent homing
g_parent_homing_only turn on/off parent homing only
g_weapondamage turn on/off weapon damages


  • change rate of weapons fire (plasma, bfg) dynamically: bg_pmove.c ~1667; addTime = g_plasma_rate;
  • lock projectiles on 100% vertical or horizontal planes even after bounce
  • track projectiles per client and allow clients to selectively or en masse destroy projectiles
  • fix bot errors: trying to switch to weapons which are no longer in the array

dedicated server support

OSC input functionality

assignable clientID projectile tracking

individual control of projectiles (speed, xyz)

changeable color for each user for plasma and bfg

use gethostbyname() to get ips for slork stations

update history


initial OSC input patches inplace. q3osc can receive simple OSC messages and realize their values in real time:

  • /g_gravity <float>
  • /g_speed <float>
  • /g_homing_speed <float>

working on linking for OSX:

dev builds: q3osc-8.7.08r9.zip and q3osc-8.7.08r9lite.zip


changes for OS X build:

  • Modified Makefiles
  • cleaned up unix/unix_net.c
  • cleaned up osc/oscpack/ip and osc dirs
  • copy baseoa into build/release-darwin-i386/
  • mv baseq3 to ccrma (change this in make?)
  • copy libSDL-1.2.0.dylib to release-darwin-i386 dir
  • Mac OS X source q3osc-OSX_6.16.08.zip added to downloads section. Version is compiled against OS X 10.5.2 for intel; not tested against ppc (shouldn't work) and not bundled as a .app (still command line driven)

To build Mac OS X .app bundle:

  • copy customized ioquake3.i386 into ioquake3.app/Contents/MacOS/ and rename ioquake3.ub
  • make ccrma/ dir in Contents/MacOS/ and put in cgamei386.dylib, qagamei386.dylib, and uii386.dylib from darwin build dir
  • how to make /q3osc appear as a mod? (need to first change from /ccrma to /q3osc in makefile build script
  • Thanks to Dave Kerr, the OS X server linker issues have been weeded out. Will be posted soon...
  • performance of "nous sommes tous Fernando..." for 16 slork-stations, with the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, outside in the Knoll courtyard at CCRMA.
  • idiot-proofing changes:
    • g_client.c changes to set plasma and bfg as initial weapons with unlimited ammo
    • g_cmds.c edits to disable all "give" commands.
    • addition of osc_broadcast cvar for future use of Osc broadcasting
    • change osc_projectile to default to 1, and to pull from CVAR_ARCHIVE
  • demo of "fernando" for documentary film-makers with 6 slork-stations and projection
  • q3osc featured on ioquake3.org; interview with Khalsa in irc chat (#ioquake3 on freenode).
  • First concert performance using q3osc with nous sommes tous Fernando..." for 5 laptops and four performers. Performers were Chryssie Nanou, Ge Wang, Michael Berger and Juan-Cristobel Castillo with Rob Hamilton acting as virtual camera operator.
  • all slork stations updated with quintet.ck and q3osc
  • for quintet, added 4 custom .cfg files, one per client, switchable via F1-F4 to set keyboard's 1-5 to control respectively gradations of Plasma-speed, Homing-speed, gravity and client-speed. Files are pspeed.cfg, hspeed.cfg, gspeed.cfg, gravity.cfg
  • added new devmap "quintet_dome.bsp" (see files section)
  • added client currentClient.hostname = osc_client_hostname<n>.string; in g_active.c for clients 1-20 (may be better way of doing this in the future as clientnum is derived from joining order
  • added "slork_switch" game command-line flag: 0, OSC all routed to projectile/client hostnames; 1, OSC routed to osc_client_hostname<n>
  • trying compiling for OS X 10.5 Intel again:
    • in /unix/unix_net.c, fixed typo in "if (ioctl(interfaceSocket, OSIOCGIFADDR, (caddr_t)&ifr) < 0) {" to "if (ioctl(interfaceSocket, SIOCGIFADDR, (caddr_t)&ifr) < 0) {"
    • added "USE_CODEC_VORBIS=0" to Makefile.local to kill Ogg
    • change Makefile references from "i686-apple-darwin8" to "i686-apple-darwin9"
    • stuck on something having to do with the C wrappers around the oscpack code? oscpack compiles fine on its own but with the wrappers, throws errors; maybe need different compiler flags?:
Undefined symbols:
 "_read$UNIX2003", referenced from:
     SocketReceiveMultiplexer::Implementation::Run()      in UdpSocket.o
 "_EndMessage", referenced from:
     _EndMessage$non_lazy_ptr in osc.o
 "_write$UNIX2003", referenced from:
     SocketReceiveMultiplexer::Implementation::AsynchronousBreak()       in UdpSocket.o
 "_EndBundle", referenced from:
     _EndBundle$non_lazy_ptr in osc.o
 "_select$UNIX2003", referenced from:
     SocketReceiveMultiplexer::Implementation::Run()      in UdpSocket.o
 "_close$UNIX2003", referenced from:
     UdpSocket::Implementation::~Implementation()in UdpSocket.o
     SocketReceiveMultiplexer::Implementation::~Implementation()in UdpSocket.o
     SocketReceiveMultiplexer::Implementation::~Implementation()in UdpSocket.o
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [build/release-darwin-i386/baseq3/qagamei386.dylib] Error 1
make: *** [build_release] Error 2
  • Added installer for SLOrk stations for Mac Client
  • commented out CG_AddPlayerWeapons method in cg_weapons.c to make weapons not visible for every avatar
  • changed this and instead comented out the call for CG_AddPlayerWeapons at the end of CG_AddViewWeapon in in cg_weapons.c
  • q3osc presented at the ANET II Summit meeting on networked audio at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Here is a link to the slides I used in the talk: ANET II Slides
  • run dedicated server with +set dedicated 1
  • rcon commands via terminal work from client
  • CCRMA port range open and external clients can connect with no problems

custom video config for Macbook Pro (Fed 8):

/r_customheight 870
/r_customwidth 1434

  • should add offset to user position which would move player bounding box +- XYZ from user-center
  • added demo video 4
  • cg_railTrailTime: can rail-trails be made to persist and turned into "strings" when crossed?
  • q3osc presentation to Stanford Composition Seminar
  • upgraded chuck demo script with Stereo panning (Y-axis) and more robust shred destruction (with dedicated events per shred)
  • q3osc presentation to the Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group
  • initial demo ChucK script posted: sonifies projectile bounces with reverb'd and enveloped sineOSCs
  • chuck --loop
  • chuck + q3osc_balls.ck
  • chuck ^
  • interesting to note, all modification made on weapon entities seems to be handled entirely on the server side, to such an extent that a clean default installation of OpenArena on a ppc Mac can interface perfectly with the server running q3osc-tweaked code. Wow. It just got even easier.
  • seems like upper-bound on renderable projectiles on the screen at any given time is ~253, tracked via new object ids sent via osc to ChucK. Projectile IDs start at 73, not 0.
  • modified durations on CG_BubbleTrail le->endTime to extend bubbles... funny looking but mostly useless... eats up alot of entities.
  • increased MAX_ENTITIES in tr_types.h from 1023 to 100000; not sure how this is affecting things, may be more complicated.
  • modified cg_weapons.c to turn on "bubble trails" for certain weapons
  • added g_parent_homing_only flag to make homing projectiles only follow parent (bind j homingparentonly)
  • created q3osc.ck ChucK main processes/class-models
  • made "/<classname" descriptor for each osc projectile message and "/player" for osc client messages.
  • added sendOSCmessage and sendOSCbundle switched by osc_bundle boolean
  • added cg_plasma_trail_length to cg_local.h et al.
  • added osc_bundle checks to determine whether bundles or single multi-field osc messages are sent
  • split sendOSCMessage_projectile into sendOSCmessage_projectile... and sendOSCbundle_projectile... using osc_bundle boolean as switch between methods
  • added methods and check for boolean into g_missile code
  • using cg_oldPlasma 0
  • added g_plasma_persist, and g_homing_persist and used in checks on G_HomingMissle to trigger expiration of all typed entities
  • added g_plasma_homing_persist, g_bfg_homing_persist and logic track them in G_HomingMissle
  • added bindable "plasmahomingpersist", "bfghomingpersist"
  • added osc_send_projectile, osc_send_client booleans to turn on and off osc output
  • added g_bfg_persist flag: 1 postpones ent->nextthink so bfgs don't explode... when flag is set to 0, then after g_bfg_time G_ExplodeMissile will be called and all bfg entites bouncing around will explode/go away
  • added g_homing_radius
  • recorded video demo of homing balls
  • /record balls1
  • /stoprecord
  • /demo balls1
  • /video (converts to .avi from demo format)
  • Added insane g_parent_homing flag to allow projectiles to home on their parent client. This can create great spheres of entites revolving around the client when g_homing_speed in set just so.
  • Running q3osc with client data output as bundles to one IP/Port while projectile data is routed to its own IP/Port. Homing and bounce are triggered by client variables, so each client can decide for him/herself whether or not homing/bounce are enabled.
  • Ludicrous bouncing/homing enabled for Plasma and BFG projectiles. Added g_homing_speed, g_plasma_speed, g_rocket_speed cvars. Added g_plasma_bounce (taken from q3apd)
  • g_synchronousClients 1 : synchronizes client messages but purportedly makes playability more difficult... will see.
  • missle tracking working; need to isolate individual gentity_t id's for each rocket, as well as target ids (this can probably be gleaned from the radius reference)
  • osc bundle output working: needed to "#define OSC_HOST_LITTLE_ENDIAN 1" in OscHistEndianness.h (oscpack) for linux system. Will need to re-set this for Windows compilation.
  • Osc output console variables "/osc_hostname" and "/osc_port" are working. Currently designing and implementing osc namespace.
  • osc output from test.cpp using oscpack compiled into ioquake3 engine successfull using homing rocket as trigger. Now moving on to isolate good params for export including the methods used in q3apd plus new goodies.
  • initial linking success with test.cpp, thanks to ge's sweet sweet compiler flags:
$(B)/baseq3/qagame$(ARCH).$(SHLIBEXT) : $(Q3GOBJ)
 $(CC) $(SHLIBLDFLAGS) -lstdc++ -o $@ $(Q3GOBJ)
$(B)/baseq3/cgame$(ARCH).$(SHLIBEXT) : $(Q3GOBJ)
 $(CC) $(SHLIBLDFLAGS) -lstdc++ -o $@ $(Q3GOBJ)


  • uber-beta floundering; while test .cpp classes are compiling correctly, something is going screwy in the linking process, which causes qagamei386.so to fail on the foo method call (see below)
Loading dll file qagame.
Sys_LoadDll(/user/r/rob/data/q3/dev/ccrma-kdevelop/build/release-linux-i386/ccrma/qagamei386.so) failed:
"Failed loading /user/r/rob/data/q3/dev/ccrma-kdevelop/build/release-linux-i386/ccrma/qagamei386.so:   
/user/r/rob/data/q3/dev/ccrma-kdevelop/build/release-linux-i386/ccrma/qagamei386.so: undefined symbol: foo"


Hamilton, R., "q3osc: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game", In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Association Conference, Belfast, Ireland, 2008.

Hamilton, R., "Maps and Legends: FPS-Based Interfaces For Composition and Immersive Performance" In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Association Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007.

port forwarding

Each computer playing Quake III must use a different port number, starting at 27660 and incrementing by 1. You'll also need to do the following:
1. Right click on the QIII icon 
2. Choose "Properties" 
3. In the Target field you'll see a line like "C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" 
4. Add the Quake III net_port command to specify a unique communication port for each system. The complete field should look like this: "C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" +set net_port 27660 
5. Click OK. 
6. Repeat for each system behind the NAT, adding one to the net_port selected (27660,27661,27662)
IN    UDP     27660  (for first player)

"Quake3 uses ports 27960-27961.. these are the only ones you will need and it is guaranteed 1005 to work."
+set dedicated 2 +set net_port 27970

dev shortcuts 27660-70
  • after compiliation, move files from baseq3 to ccrma directory and then run
rm -rf ccrma && mv baseq3 ccrma && ./ioquake3.i386 +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game ccrma +devmap space +set vm_ui 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set vm_game 0 +set cg_draw2d 0 +set cg_drawGun 0 
  • run dedicated server on port 27660
./ioquake3.i386 +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game ccrma +devmap space6a +set vm_ui 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set vm_game 0 +set cg_draw2d 0 +set cg_drawGun 0 +exec q3osc.cfg +set dedicated 1 +set net_port 27660
  • run regular game on port 27660
./ioquake3.i386 +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game ccrma +devmap space6a +set vm_ui 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set vm_game 0 +set cg_draw2d 0 +set cg_drawGun 0 +exec q3osc.cfg +set dedicated 0 +set net_port 27660
  • screenshot location
  • set third-person view properties
/cg_thirdPerson (0/1; default: 0)
/cg_thirdPersonAngle (0-360; default: 0)
/cg_thirdPersonRange (default: 40)
  • set custom video size: for linux larger monitor @ ccrma:
/r_mode -1
/r_customheight 1021
/r_customwidth 1672
  • for linux:
/r_customwidth 1275
/r_customheight 960
  • random video properties
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 4
r_flares 1
cg_shadows 2
r_stencilBits 8
r_detailTextures 1
  • turn off blood
/com_blood 0

things to think about

Subversion Repository Setup

svn co svn+ssh://cmn51.stanford.edu/user/r/rob/svn/q3osc 
[cmn51 rob] ~/data> svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs svn
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev> svn co file:///user/r/rob/data/svn
Checked out revision 0.

[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev> cd svn
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn> ls
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn> svn mkdir q3osc
A         q3osc

[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn> svn commit -m "Setting up empty q3osc directory - rob"
Adding         q3osc

Committed revision 1.

[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn> ls -al
total 32
drwxr-xr-x 4 rob users 4096 May  6 22:27 ./
drwxr-xr-x 3 rob users 4096 May  6 22:25 ../
drwxr-xr-x 3 rob users 4096 May  6 22:27 q3osc/
drwxr-xr-x 6 rob users 4096 May  6 22:28 .svn/
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn> cp -r ~/data/source/q3osc/* q3osc/
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn/q3osc> ls -al
total 1184
drwxr-xr-x  5 rob users   4096 May  6 22:31 ./
drwxr-xr-x  4 rob users   4096 May  6 22:27 ../
drwxr-xr-x  3 rob users   4096 May  6 22:30 build/
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users   6729 May  6 22:30 ccrma.kdevelop
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users 947792 May  6 22:30 ccrma.kdevelop.pcs
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users   5991 May  6 22:30 ccrma.kdevses
drwxr-xr-x 25 rob users   4096 May  6 22:31 ccrmamod/
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users    755 May  6 22:31 devnotes
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users    756 May  6 22:31 devnotes~
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users  10405 May  6 22:31 Doxyfile
-rw-r-----  1 rob users  59721 May  6 22:31 Makefile
-rw-r-----  1 rob users  59722 May  6 22:31 Makefile~
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users    564 May  6 22:31 Makefile.local
-rw-r--r--  1 rob users    564 May  6 22:31 Makefile.local~
drwxr-xr-x  6 rob users   4096 May  6 22:28 .svn/
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn/q3osc> svn add *
A         build
A         build/release-linux-i386
A         build/release-linux-i386/client 
A         build/release-linux-i386/client/be_interface.d
A         Makefile.local~
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn/q3osc> ls
build/	ccrma.kdevelop	ccrma.kdevelop.pcs  ccrma.kdevses  ccrmamod/  devnotes	devnotes~  Doxyfile  Makefile  Makefile~  Makefile.local  Makefile.local~
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn/q3osc> svn commit -m "Initial code check-in; entire project + bins, maybe a bad idea"
Adding         q3osc/Doxyfile
Adding         q3osc/Makefile
Adding         q3osc/Makefile.local
Adding         q3osc/devnotes~
Transmitting file data   
Committed revision 2.
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn/q3osc> svn log
r1 | rob | 2008-05-06 22:28:14 -0700 (Tue, 06 May 2008) | 1 line

Setting up empty q3osc directory - rob
[cmn51 rob] ~/data/q3osc/dev/svn/q3osc>

bundle data: 1/13/08

196 byte message:
23 (#)  62 (b)  75 (u)  6e (n)
64 (d)  6c (l)  65 (e)  0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    1 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    18 ()
2f (/)  63 (c)  6c (l)  61 (a)
73 (s)  73 (s)  6e (n)  61 (a)
6d (m)  65 (e)  0 ()    0 ()
2c (,)  73 (s)  0 ()    0 ()
70 (p)  6c (l)  61 (a)  73 (s)
6d (m)  61 (a)  0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    18 ()
2f (/)  70 (p)  72 (r)  6f (o)
6a (j)  65 (e)  63 (c)  74 (t)
69 (i)  6c (l)  65 (e)  6e (n)
75 (u)  6d (m)  0 ()    0 ()
2c (,)  69 (i)  0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    54 (T)
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    1c ()
2f (/)  6f (o)  72 (r)  69 (i)
67 (g)  69 (i)  6e (n)  0 ()
2c (,)  66 (f)  66 (f)  66 (f)
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    0 ()
42 (B)  ffffffcc (?)    f ()    ffffffaa (?)
45 (E)  1f ()   6e (n)  0 ()
ffffffc5 (?)    11 ()   ffffffdd (?)    ffffffd0 (?)
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    14 ()
2f (/)  6f (o)  77 (w)  6e (n)
65 (e)  72 (r)  6e (n)  75 (u)
6d (m)  0 ()    0 ()    0 ()
2c (,)  69 (i)  0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    14 ()
2f (/)  74 (t)  61 (a)  72 (r)
67 (g)  65 (e)  74 (t)  6e (n)
75 (u)  6d (m)  0 ()    0 ()
2c (,)  69 (i)  0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    37 (7)
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    10 ()
2f (/)  62 (b)  6f (o)  75 (u)
6e (n)  63 (c)  65 (e)  0 ()
2c (,)  69 (i)  0 ()    0 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    1 ()
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    14 ()
2f (/)  65 (e)  78 (x)  70 (p)
6c (l)  6f (o)  64 (d)  65 (e)
0 ()    0 ()    0 ()    0 ()
2c (,)  69 (i)  0 ()    0 ()
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[ 000000001
/classname "plasma" 
/projectilenum 84 
/origin 102.030594 2550.875000 -2333.863281 
/ownernum 0 
/targetnum 55 
/bounce 1 
/explode 0
/projectile "plasma" 0 87 894.454651 184.281860 -8038.076172 -1079107888 0 0

current work paths

svn checkout svn+ssh://gate-ccrma.stanford.edu/user/r/rob/svn/q3osc/
svn repo: /user/r/rob/svn/q3osc/
ccrma: ~/dev/svn/
macbook pro: /data/Projects/q3osc/svn-work/



  • oscpack
    • open sound control
  • openarena
    • ioquake3
      • quake3

Unsolicited user-feedback

"So, normally I would be really cynical and make fun of your SLORK shit, but I actually found that video extremely cool. It's like a concert of people playing the DOOMophone. And there was something so visually pleasing about watching the video when combined with music, which was so much better than the expected loud sound of gunfire, etc. Awesome, seriously!"

Development/Community Links

Best link ever: ioquake3 mailing list
Second best: ioquake3 bugzilla