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I grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota in the 80s/90s and have always made semi-annual trips to Turkey to visit my relatives. I've spent a lot of my free time making music, running, and shopping for used records. After high school I spent the next four years at MIT, earning my Bachelor's degrees in computer science and music while living at a free-spirited frat called Theta Delta Chi. Next I moved to California for a Master's program at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. That was in 2003, and I've been living in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since. (In fact, soon afterward my parents and sister moved out here as well, so now I have no family members left in Minnesota.)

After Stanford I began my professional career at Euphonix, which made audio consoles for studios. They had a small engineering team, so I got to dabble in almost every aspect of our projects, mostly in C++ but some Python as well. Eventually I was tired of the commute from San Francisco to Palo Alto and wanted to specialize more, so I took a job offer from LucasArts in the Presidio. The actual position I applied for was Build Engineer- a job that many software engineers think is tedious and beneath them! I turned it into a very development-heavy role, writing new tools in C# and Python, redesigning and developing our build pipelines, and specing out a new build server system used for all studio projects since 2009. At the same time I grew more involved with game engine and audio engine development (in C++), and soon I was working full-time on the audio engine and related systems.

Unfortunately, Disney shut down our studio shortly after acquiring Lucasfilm, but by then I had several of my own project ideas that I was ready to pursue. Most of them required mobile app and web app development (with which I had little experience at that point), so over the next several weeks I worked through online tutorials for iOS and Rails development. I soon made headway on a number of projects using both new skill sets, and you can read more about them on my linked-in or professional page. That led to involvement in a startup called Doblet, though I still kept my previous career path going with 2K Games and Linden Lab. For most of my career, I've been trying to tap into immersive games and experiences, as well as widely accessible ones. Now I'm at Ubiquity6, where we're creating something both immersive and widely accessible.


Please visit my photos at instagram or flickr.

Before smartphones, I would manually stitch my own panoramas. Since their dimensions don't translate well to sites like instagram, here they are below!

Boston skyline from TDC rooftop from behind the Katterskill falls, NY

from ancient Roman lookout point over Black Sea (Amasra, Turkey) Sighisoara, Romania during annual arts & music festival Castel dell'Ovo in Naples, Italy

San Francisco skyline from my roofdeck

Çiragan Palace in Istanbul, Turkey Steel Mill in Karabük, Turkey


Here's my catalog of records I've been collecting since I was sixteen. Minnesota's Twin Cities metro area was blessed with many Half-Price Books locations featuring shelves of 50¢ LPs in the 90s. Soon I moved on to more expensive records and eventually turned into the vinyl fiend that I am today.

Since many solo artists are filed alongside their original band (or vice versa), the filing title is grayed out and precedes the actual artist title in my lists. EPs, 12" singles and notes are also marked in gray. Different pressings of a record are listed separately if the track listings differ. My records are listed per artist in chronological order (except where indicated) and divided into the following categories: