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Tail Section Modification (about $50)

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I don't understand why most race/sport bikes have big & ugly tail sections.. especially so when those weigh more and are less aerodynamic. Even though I always wanted to do this fix, it took me a while before I got enough courage to start the cutting & building.

The only stock part left is the tail-light, but which is now sliced in half.

I got the turn-signals from Lockhart & Phillips ($20), those are much brighter than the stock (24W versus 12W) and smaller -- the mounting brackets I've made out of the corners of a plastic curtain holder, (hope my ex won't discover how the curtains are hanging nowadays..).

It's hard to see the carbon fiber side-panels on this photo, but those I made out of a front fender which I got from a friend's crashed Duc-996.

Since the licenseplate is now located so far back, I decided to made a strong (10W) licenseplate light for it, and a shield (for the rain) made out of a clear plastic salt container.

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