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Gorilla Alarm ($80 + $20)

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Any owner of a Ducati knows how precious his/her toy really is, naturally, installing an alarm is worth looking into (at least if the bike sometimes is parked outdoor). I decided to get a simple, yet reliable alarm for my bike and got the Gorilla ($80). However this is now my second unit; the first one was replaced after approximately ten months -- it just kept on going off without any reason. I got it replaced with a newer model which also has problems... For instance, the sensitivity of the "warn-away" feature can't be set separately from the alarm's sensitivity.. so that feature is a no-feature. Another more amusing malfunction is that it suddenly swapped the function for the buttons on the remote controller as the alarm-button has become the garage-door button and viceversa -- but at least they work. Anyway, once in San Francisco I parked my bike on the sidewalk.. less than a yard away from a restaurant window as we were sitting up all night after closing hours (don't ask). About four in the morning we could see a guy checking out the bike.. a little too "close" -- it was no doubt what he was up to. I said to my girlfriend that this will be interesting: We stepped forward and positioned ourself just behind the large glass-doors. Since it was dark inside the restaurant he couldn't see us. As he was crouched down and bent over to fix the steering-lock the alarm went off and man, he got so shocked that he fell backwards on his buttocks from being blasted by the loud alarm. That was the entertainment for the night.. I almost fell myself from laughing so hard -- I guess alarms after all can kick some asses.