I will soon post my experience and case against FedEx!
On August 14th, 2006, I purchased a brand-new Gibson Super 400 from Huber & Breese Music. The owner, Paul Breese, opened his shop in the 1970s. They were, at the time of purchasing the guitar, a Gibson Custom Super Dealer. The guitar was shipped to me in its original TKL hard-shell case, with various wrappings within the guitar-case shipped in Gibsons original corrugated box. Using FedEx 2-Day service, I promptly received the guitar in Redmond, WA on August 16th 2006. An image of the original invoice and sales receipt is shown below on the left. An image of the original packaging is shown on the right. As shown, FRAGILE markings are placed largely on the box.
At the time, I was finishing an internship at Microsoft Research and had kept all packaging and forms for my move in early September back to Saratoga, CA.
On the evening of September 6th, 2006, I called FedEx to pickup four packages for the next day using 2-Day service for four packages. The original air-bill is shown in the photo below
on the left. The photo on the right shows Gibsons printed warning on the original corrugated box regarding carrier liability.
As shown in the photo, the warning states:
CONCEALED LOSS OR DAMAGE IS CARRIERS RESPONSIBILITY. Concealed loss or damage means loss or damage which does not become apparent until the merchandise has been unpacked. The contents may be damaged in transit due to rough handling even though the carton may not show external damage. When damage is discovered upon unpacking, make a written request for inspection by the carriers agent within 15 days of delivery date. Then file a claim with the carrier since such damage is the carriers responsibility
Two of the four packages arrived a day early on Friday, September 8th, 2006. One package arrived on-time on Saturday, September 9th, 2007. When the fourth package containing the guitar did not arrive on-time, several phone calls were placed to FedEx. Customer Services response was that the package was unaccounted for, missing, lost in transit. We were told to call back Monday, September 10th, 2006.
Before noon on Monday, September 9th, 2006, the last package arrived. Upon arrival, the package was immediately opened.
The package was damaged at the neck and headstock. Detailed pictures showing the damage are shown below. A call was immediately called to FedEx and procedures for filing a claim had begun immediately.
The images below show the damage the guitar sustained.
The joint where the head-stock joins the neck a crack starting from the back nearly penetrates through the entire joint. A traumatic force occurred such that the truss-rod adjuster pearl cover was cracked into several pieces due to the force put onto the joint.
Pictures shown above were taken within an hour of opening the package on September 11th, 2006.