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Contact Information

Name:Melissa Hui
Email:  melissahui AT
Home Address:  4277 Rue Garnier, Montreal, QC H2J 3R7 Canada
Canadian Music Centre Web site (for biography, worklist, scores and parts)*:
To find all works available on loan from the CMC library, perform an on-line catalogue search for "Hui, Melissa" at:
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* Scores and parts available on loan from the Canadian Music Centre, Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9 Canada. Telephone: (416) 961-6601. Fax: (416) 961-7198.

* All scores and parts for small ensemble works are available on loan (free of charge) for 2 months. There is a nominal fee for parts rental of large ensemble works. Scores and parts are also available for purchase at the Canadian Music Centre.