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a compositional instrument/toolbox for polyrhythmic development

Matthew Burtner

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SOME RELATED INTERNET RESOURCES David Mooney's Virtual Rhythmicon home page. A great project realized on the Kyma system, exploring Cowell's rhythmicon ideas with the power of a computer. a page dedicated to Cowell's rhythmicon (don't believe everything you read on the net but this page contains many fun "facts". A good overview of the Theremin/Cowell rhythmicon. Unfortunate address, but... Kyle Gann's home page. Gann wrote the book on Nancarrow and has composed some amazingly thoughtful music using his own ideas of extended polyrhythmic techniqes. Surprisingly little by way of a Henry Cowell home page, but this site gives a complete list of works and a terse biography. A very good home page dedicated to the music of Conlon Nancarrow. MPR'S Nancarrow feature including Real audio files.


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