PhD student at CCRMA / PhD minor in CS (2022).
CS major / Music minor at UC Berkeley (2015).
Intern at Adobe (2021), Shazam (2016), Twilio (2014), and Facebook (2013).

I recently graduated with my PhD from Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. My primary work involves designing audiovisual interactions and experiences for new media, such as virtual reality. My work has focused on enabling amateur creative self-expression through demonstration, interactive machine learning, and the design of new ways of programming. My thesis centers on the concept of "folk design", or design as practiced by amateurs for their immediate local social contexts. My goal for studying folk design is to help people flourish and improve their subjective wellbeing. My thesis offers design principles for virtual reality experiences that promote human flourishing, design patterns for authoring tools using interactive machine learning for creativity support, and implications for design related to social connection, communication, and co-creation.

I completed my undergraduate degree in the Computer Science department at UC Berkeley, where I graduated with highest honors as the top student in the department. Within the CS department, I had a research emphasis in music.