Plug-ins / SC Reverb with Non-Exponential Decay

This VST plugin is implemented to demonstrate the reverberation algorithm proposed in the AES paper1. This artificial late-field reverberator algorithm can produce non-exponentially decaying late-field reverberaion response with low memory and computational complexity.


It has some controllable parameters as shown below figure. You can simply control the envelope of late-field reverberation response with one big knob from the two-stage decay response to the delayed onset, and control the ratio between fast and slow decay rates in the two-stage decay with another small knob. It also has the 2-band equalizer and the frequency-dependent reverberation time control.

Plug-in Description

For the details of the reverberation algorithm, please refer to the project page.


This VST plug-in is implemented using VST audio plug-in SDK v2.4 and VSTGUI lib.
Please email me for any questions and suggestions on this plug-in. =)

Posted on Nov. 3, 2010
1 Keun-Sup Lee and Jonathan S. Abel, "A Reverberator with Two-Stage Decay and Onset Time Controls,” 129th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, preprint no.8208, Nov., 2010