Kevin Dade


Turntable” + Demo


I intend to make some sort of DIY turntable that will probably rely more on clever computing than on analog signals for it's functionality. Hopefully, with this tool/instrument, I can make an interesting composition/demo to show off at the end of the quarter.


April 7:

April 12:

April 13:

April 27:

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May 18:

June 4:

How to Build a Turntable...

~things you will need~


Note: When following these instructions, it is best to make everything fit as tightly as possible. Use as much glue and tape as necessary to get everything snug.


This was a really fun project, and I'm quite pleased with the results. With very little planning or coding, I managed to achieve a pretty decent turntable simulation. If I were to redo any part of the project, I would definitely build a more robust turntable. As fun as pizza boxes and cardboard tubes are, the thing just isn't heavy enough or sturdy enough. For a prototype though, it's not bad.

It's also a shame that I didn't get more time to explore the compositional possibilities of this new “instrument”. Even while I made my simple demo, I found it was incredibly fun to play with and also very versatile. If I don't decide to use it for something in the future, I still feel like I am much more confident in my ability to just build something that I need.